This is been a terrific week for paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free, and a few of the best apps in yesterday’s list are still free downloads if you hurry. For Friday, we have a great list of paid iOS apps that are all free for a limited time, and it includes some very popular paid apps as well as an innovative keyboard app that might completely change the way you type.

They’re all free right now, but these limited-time sales could be over at any minute, so be sure to download anything that looks appealing right away.

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These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged.

Angry Birds Seasons

Normally $0.99.

Join the Angry Birds as they celebrate unique seasonal events from around the world! Enjoy the addictive physics-based gameplay you love, but with an exciting twist! For the latest update, it’s time to hit the court for the 2015 NBA All-Star Game!

Slam through an all-new set of All-Star themed levels in the NBA Ham Dunk episode!

– 15 new NBA All-Star levels + 1 new golden egg level!
– Free throw! Use one free Shockwave per level in new All-Star levels.
– Check out kick-#%&* gaming videos on Ruffle TV!
– More Pig Days – crazy new levels every week!
In addition to the NBA All-Star update, download and enjoy:
– 19 THEMED EPISODES (plus cool bonus stuff)!
– 550+ LEVELS of pig-popping action!
– UNIQUE POWER-UPS that give you the edge in tricky levels!
– PIG DAYS! Super special one-off levels that pay tribute to global events and holidays!

With more than 2 billion downloads, Angry Birds is the most popular mobile game of all time. Join the global phenomenon!

Download Angry Birds Seasons


Normally $1.99.

Just make it printability and share pdf anywere!

Printability is the super instrument for printing pages directly from your browser. It’s used the new feature of iOS 8 named extensions.
You can choose page’s width and height before printing and remove it quickly if you don’t like result.

The app has been written by the superfast the new Swift programming language!

Download Printability


Normally $0.99.

You can easily create an awesome wallpaper for your lockscreen with your name and contact data on it. Now you can easily see that its your device and if you forget it anywhere everyone knows who’s the owner.
you can choose one of our wallpapers or choose one from your photo library !
its possible to enable a avatar image, you can choose one of our avatars or choose your own photo from your photo library !
what our customers say

Perfect, This is perfectt for when I loose my iPod!
Super easy, It works. It does exactly what I says it does.
Great APP!!!, Helpful and offers a sense of tranquality knowing that if and when you ever lose your phone/iPod
Not bad at all, I’m guessing that version 1 had some problems based on all of the 1-star ratings. Version 2 worked fine for me. It’s a very simple app that creates a wallpaper of your contact information and overlays it on top of either a stock image included with the app or one from your Photo Roll. My main criticism is that there’s way too much whitespace if you don’t use an avatar on the business card. Also, would like to see a bit more customization in terms of fonts and alignment. But it’s a handy app, especially if you lock your phone with a passcode. Tip: Use it to list your In Case of Emergency (ICE) contact on the lock screen.
Awsome, Thiz app is G’d UP
Excellent App, 1at review i’ve ever felt I should do! Very good app! Simple and Easy to use! I’m very impressed! Homescreen looks very good now!! Thanks for the free app!!
Useful, Works great. Finally able to identify the iPhone’s home screen – something that Palm phones were able to do years ago!

Download Homescreen


Normally $1.99.


You can edit the lists and add items. All changes made by users instantly synchronize and appear on all devices.
Just create a list and provide access to any person.

How to use
– Connect Dropbox in the setup menu
– Create a list
– Add items
– Press the «Share» button and enter the email address or phone number

Your colleague will be notified via email or sms and will be able to open a list in an application or in a web-page. All changes made by users instantly synchronize and appear on all devices.
!!! PLEASE NOTE: In order that the list was available in the app (when you share the list with another person) at first the received link must be opened !!!

Download Share@List


Normally $4.99.

This keyboard has been designed on the basis of the “Motionless Easy Touch Typing System”.
It is possible touch typing so may not move the finger position.

Download MettsKey


Normally $1.99.

Tippit is a beautiful tip calculating app with a design that fits into iOS 7.

“There’s hundreds of tip calculating apps out there, but they all look ugly and have such outdated interfaces. They don’t even feel fun to use. That’s why I created Tippit.”
– Saoud Rizwan, Tippit founder

Tippit lets you calculate your tip in a few easy steps:
1. Enter your bill amount.
2. Enter how many people are splitting the bill.
3. Rate your server.
4. Well that’s it, you get your bill total including the tip.

With an in-app purchase of just one buck, you can unlock several gorgeous themes as well. Initially you get to use the Sunset theme.

Download Tippit


Normally $1.99.

* Note: In just a month Frugal has ranked in the top 50 finance apps and has also been featured in Apple’s Best New Finance apps. This would not have been possible without critique from our users, thank you all.

Frugal is a revolutionary app to help you easily & quickly find cheap products online with a simple glance through the camera.

It’s simple, yet very unique. The app is split into two views: camera & browser. As you shop or go about your day, you can easily open the app, focus the camera on a product’s barcode, and bam! You see a list of cheaper prices available for that product.

So what makes Frugal better than all the other “money saving” apps out there? It’s quick, simple, and hassle free. There’s no spammy notifications, no dreadful deals being thrown at you, nothing like that.

Download Frugal

Smart Scanner Pro

Normally $1.99.

Smart scanner help you scan your document and save it to PDFs or Photo libs
+ Import image from Camera rolls, photos lib or take picture from camera
+ Select multi images as the same time from camera rolls
+ Easy to adjust frame to crop image what you want
+ Filter image to clearly by:
– Gray Scale
– Documents
+ Manage list file
– Multi select to delete
+ Export to PDF file with multi pages
+ Share via :
– Email within PDF file attach
– Upload PDF file to DropBox
– Save image back to camera roll
– Print

Download Smart Scanner Pro

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