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This list of commonly used Ashley Madison passwords will make you shake your head

September 7th, 2015 at 1:16 PM
Ashley Madison Most Used Passwords List

Try to act surprised: Many Ashley Madison users were wide open to being hacked even before the entire site had its data stolen. Security firm Avast has been combing through some of the leaked Ashley Madison profile passwords and has found that many of them are stupidly common, including such old favorites as “123456” and “password.”

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“‘123456’ and ‘password’ reign supreme as the two worst possible and most-used passwords,” Avast writes. “They are constantly encroached by ‘12345678’ and ‘qwerty.'”

In case you’re curious, here are the most 20 commonly used Ashley Madison passwords, a list that includes such classy passwords as “pussy” and “blowjob”:

1:   123456

2:   password

3:   12345

4:    12345678

5:    qwerty

6:    pussy

7:    secret

8:    dragon

9:    welcome

10:    ginger

11:    sparky

12:    helpme

13:    blowjob

14:    nicole

15:    justin

16:    camaro

17:    johnson

18:    yamaha

19:    midnight

20:    chris

“There is no excuse for using terrible passwords, considering that the usage of intelligent passwords plays a key role in keeping you safe from attacks and breaches,” Avast comments. “Even with one of the strongest password encryption algorithms out there, it was trivial to get a large list of weak passwords by checking known passwords against the list of hashes.”

To learn more about the absolute foolishness of many Ashley Madison users and their love for insecure passwords, check out Avast’s full post here.

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