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Apple’s iPhone 4S cleared of infringement claims in the Netherlands

Updated 4 years ago

A Dutch judge on Wednesday ruled that the iPhone 4S does not infringe Samsung’s patents, Dutch website Tweakers reported. The Hague court has not yet ruled whether Apple’s earlier models and iPad 2 tablet infringe the vendor’s patents due to different implementations of 3G technology that may be protected. Samsung accused Apple’s iPhone 4S of infringing its industry essential 3G patent, although Qualcomm already licensed the technology for the chip, which is found within Apple’s handset. Apple’s earlier devices, however, use 3G chips supplied by Intel subsidiary Infineon, which reportedly never licensed the technology from Samsung. The court also ruled that, because of Apple’s negotiation efforts, the Cupertino-based company’s products can remain on sale in the Netherlands throughout the remainder of the trial.