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patent infringement News

Technicolor looks for patent payoff from Apple and Samsung

Technicolor, the iconic French company that invented the process that enables color movies, is looking for large patent payoffs from major mobile vendors, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday. The company holds more than 40,000 >>

Apple accuses Samsung of destroying evidence

Apple on May 1st filed a motion in the Northern District of California alleging that Samsung intentionally destroyed documents it was ordered to hand over to the Cupertino-based company, Network World reported on >>

Facebook files patent countersuit against Yahoo

Yahoo filed a massive patent infringement lawsuit against Facebook last month, claiming that Facebook’s News Feed, advertising methods, privacy settings and more infringed on its intellectual property. Facebook on Tuesday fired back at Yahoo >>

Google, Motorola ordered to give Android data to Apple

A U.S. judge has ordered Google and Motorola Mobility to turn over information about the development of the Android operating system and Google’s pending $12.5 billion acquisition of the manufacturer to Apple, Bloomberg >>