While we’ve seen lots of Apple Watch apps revealed so far, we’re just today getting our first look at what some of the world’s most popular apps will look like on the device, including Twitter, Instagram and Uber. 9to5Mac has posted a fantastic gallery of Apple Watch app screenshots that show what some of the top apps around are doing to adapt themselves to your wrist.

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Here, for example, is Instagram on the Apple Watch. As you can see, the watch really only has room to display the photo itself and a short message detailing who posted it.

There are ways to like and share photos on the watch app but those take up an entirely different screen that you’ll presumably have to swipe to access.

Here is Uber, meanwhile. The attraction here is that the watch can give you real-time information on where your car is coming from an how long it will take to reach you. It goes without saying that you can also use the watch to order an Uber without having to go through your phone.

And finally, we have Twitter, which seems to have the busiest interface of all the apps. Frankly, given how hectic keeping track of Twitter can be even on a desktop computer, we’re having a hard time imagining how well it will work on a smartwatch.

These are just a few of the screenshots of Apple Watch apps. To see a lot more, you should really check out 9to5Mac’s posts on top Apple Watch apps here and then check out its post on top Apple Watch games here.

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