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Amazon’s latest flop stinks even worse than the Fire Phone

January 21st, 2015 at 9:15 PM
Amazon Elements Diapers Pulled

Amazing but true: Amazon has created a product that’s even stinkier than the Fire Phone. GigaOM reports that Amazon has already pulled its Amazon Elements Soft and Cozy Diapers that it released just six weeks ago. The diapers were apparently pulled after Amazon listened to “early customer feedback” about them and it told early buyers that they’d be invited to try out future diapers whenever they became available.

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We don’t know specifically why Amazon pulled the diapers, although GigaOM notes that “the diapers got mediocre reviews on Amazon… recently the average was hovering around 3.5 stars.”

The diapers were made available exclusively to Amazon Prime customers and 40-packs of the diapers were being sold for $7.99 a piece, which Re/code points out is cheaper on a per-diaper basis than other big diaper brands on the market. Re/code also informs us that Amazon was also pitching these diapers as environmentally friendly so it could compete with “the fast-growing diaper brand Honest, co-founded by the actress Jessica Alba, which prides itself on making safe, eco-friendly baby products.”

This obviously doesn’t have much of an impact on Amazon’s future smartphone plans, although it is noticeable for being the second major Amazon product released within the last year to encounter some serious problems at its launch.

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