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A huge WandaVision leak may have just spoiled the show’s true villain

Updated Feb 4th, 2021 11:10AM EST
WandaVision Villain
Image: Disney

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  • After four episodes of WandaVision, we still have no idea who the MCU show’s real villain is.
  • It might appear as though Wanda is in full control of the fake universe created in Westview that brought Vision back to life, but that’s not entirely the case.
  • A couple of leaks may have just spoiled the show’s true villain, and both leaks point to the same person.


Episode 4 finally started peeling back the layers last week, answering some of our most pressing questions. It’s the first episode where we got to see what happens on the other side of the Westview fence, where a joint task force that includes SWORD and FBI teams is watching the same Avengers sitcom as the rest of us. Episode 4 also has a great opening scene, as Marvel is finally ready to fix that one significant Endgame issue we kept talking about. When Hulk snapped his fingers, we didn’t see the hectic return of regular people — and how could we, given that it would have ruined the climax with all those portals? But WandaVision fixes that, and we’re likely to see more of the post-Endgame world in other upcoming Marvel series.

Of course, it’s still too early in WandaVision for us to know who the real villain of the story is. We’ve all got our suspicions, but the entity manipulating Wanda has yet to show itself. With two days to go until Episode 5, we have two separate leaks that may have spoiled the true villain of WandaVision — and both leaks point to the same person. Mind you, some major spoilers will follow below.

Before we get to it, I’ll remind you that someone posted on social media an Episode 6 clip that includes a few massive spoilers. The actual video started circulating online last Friday before it was removed from various places. Screenshots from the footage are easy to find, to confirm what I’m about to tell you. Even Peters plays Quicksilver in the episode, rather than Aaron Taylor-Johnson. There must be a perfect explanation for this; we just have to wait another week.

What’s important about that scene, in light of the new WandaVision leaks, is the fact that Peter is a bit of a douche. He mocks Vision, drawing Wanda’s anger. And some people speculated this Quicksilver might not be who we think he is. He might be Mephisto, one of the Marvel villains shortlisted for this particular story.

This brings us to the first leak of the day, the following toy packaging that tells us that Mephisto is one of the WandaVision villains:

It’s not the first time that toys would ruin a Marvel surprise, as merchandising plays a huge role in Disney’s strategy for selling Marvel content. While toys aren’t always a faithful representation of what happens in the film or TV show, this one does list Mephisto’s name. Either it’s all a mistake, or we just got the first clue that Mephisto is one of the villains, if not the villain of the TV show.

How does it tie to Quicksilver? Well, there’s another set of image circulating online that features what could easily be Mephisto:

Redditors have translated the spoiler from Portuguese:

WandaVision possible spoiler alert . . . . . . . . As we have already posted several times there are several rumors that the villain of the series would be Mephisto, and recently two images appeared on 4chan that could be the characterization of the character. REMEMBERING [sic] THAT IS NOT CONFIRMED

There’s an obvious resemblance here between Evan Peters and Mephisto. And there’s at least one leak that said Mephisto would take control of Peter’s version of Quicksilver.

Here’s how a 4chan leaker describes the image above:

This will be Evan Peters’ Mephisto look in WandaVision. Exclusive image taken from future official stuff.

Then again, someone could be making this up, as there’s no way to verify the leak at this time. Mephisto has always been one of the favorites for the main WandaVision villain, but we’ll have to wait for at least one more episode to find out.

UPDATE: The Minimates leak has been confirmed to be fake.

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