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This massive ‘Doctor Strange 2’ leak might spoil the entire movie

Published Oct 12th, 2021 12:12PM EDT
Doctor Strange Multiverse
Image: Sony and Marvel

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Marvel fans have a lot more than just Spider-Man: No Way Home to look forward to right now. Marvel’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness hits theaters in late March if the schedule isn’t delayed. And it so happens that we’ve seen plenty of Doctor Strange 2 rumors so far, with leaks increasing in frequency lately. Now, it turns out that the entire Multiverse of Madness plot might have leaked in great detail. We already discussed some aspects of it, so spoiler lovers will be familiar with it. But if you want to avoid Doctor Strange 2 spoilers at all costs, you’ll want to stop reading right here.

The Doctor Strange 2 leaks

A Marvel insider who keeps revealing MCU Phase 4 details on Reddit posted a Doctor Strange 2 plot summary a few days ago. Separately, a Discord channel resurfaced an older Doctor Strange 2 plot leak that first appeared on Reddit as a theory a while ago. The two leaks tell the same Multiverse of Madness story. The insider offers the gist of Doctor Strange 2 only via a summary of events. The other leak (which we’ll refer to as the “Discord leak”) contains more details.

That’s what you need to know before diving into the plot leak below. As always, there’s no way to guarantee the leaks are based on genuine information. They might simply be fan fiction that reads well. But they do deliver some details that line up with other Multiverse of Madness leaks from other sources. As we’ve mentioned in the past, they do appear to be genuine.

We’ll remind you that we did see similar plot leaks for other MCU movies before, and they don’t always pan out. But sometimes, they do. For example, it so happens that an Eternals plot leak seems to be genuine based on what happened in the trailers that Marvel released.

This is your final warning. Huge Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness plot spoilers might follow below.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer
Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) holding a coffee cup that reads “For Fox Sake” in No Way Home trailer. Image source: Sony and Marvel

Crazy multiverse action is coming

As I said before, we already looked at these recent Doctor Strange 2 leaks. Both of them say that a version of the Illuminati group will appear in the film. Professor X will be their leader, with Captain Carter, Captain Marvel (the Monica Rambeau version), Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor), and Balder the Brave also on the team. A sixth Illuminati hasn’t been named.

Sadly, some of these alternate-reality Illuminati will die during Multiverse of Madness at the hands of the film’s real villain. That happens to be Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen), according to the plot leaks. We heard early last year that Wanda would be the film’s surprise villain, or at least one of the main antagonists.

Wanda is on a quest to rescue her children, or at least she thinks she needs to save them. In reality, Darkhold will apparently be influencing her moves through the film as she chases America Chavez (Xochitl Gomez) across multiverses. Chavez has a superpower that Wanda craves, the ability to travel through different realities. Wanda and Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) can only send their astral projections to other realities.

It’s unclear how Chavez does it, but we saw it happen earlier when The Watcher and Ultron jump between realities in What If…?. Not to mention that the Avengers traveled the multiverse in Endgame to retrieve the Infinity Stones. And the TVA can portal in and out alternate realities any time they want.

From left to right, Billy (Julian Hilliard), Tommy (Jett Klyne), Vision (Paul Bettany), and Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) in a leaked WandaVision Episode 9 image. Image source: Marvel Studios

Wanda’s Multiverse of Madness?

Shuma Gorath will supposedly be a smaller villain in the film, with Wanda controlling it. The primary Strange and Wong (Benedict Wong) variants will kill Shuma in the main reality early in the first act.

In her quest, Wanda will supposedly kill several prominent characters. The majority of deaths occur in the multiverse. We already know from WandaVision that Wanda will stop at nothing to save her children. Multiverse of Madness will drive this point home. Wanda will supposedly murder Strange and Wong variants from the multiverse.

Similarly, Professor X and Balder the Brave will die at her hand, with the Illuminati’s Captains also being hurt badly during that fight. Also, Wanda will kill Mordo in the primary MCU reality early in the movie. She’ll then murder many wizards as they try to defend Kamar-Taj in the main timeline.

Other leaks did say the film’s various cameos will include one of Fox’s Professor X variants. Charles Xavier will fight Wanda, those leaks said. And we even saw pre-VFX images suggesting those Illuminati scenes are real. But again, we’ll remind you that none of these details are fully confirmed at this point.

What If...? Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) in Marvel’s What If…?. Image source: Marvel Studios

Where to read the Doctor Strange 2 plot leak

The plot leaks read like horrific madness, but that’s what this multiverse story is supposed to be. We’ve always known Doctor Strange 2 will be much darker than other MCU stories. The Avengers win in the end, and Wanda will realize she has been wrong to chase this new illusion… again, since something similar happened in WandaVision.

The post-credits scene will supposedly give us a “corrupted” Strange, with a third eye growing out of his head. Clea will ask Strange for help. The MCU’s multiverse storyline definitely won’t end with Doctor Strange 2.

If you want to go over everything, check out the Reddit link here. As for the Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness plot leak circulating on Discord, you’ll find it at this link.

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