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This ‘Doctor Strange 2’ credits scene leak will blow your mind

Published Oct 4th, 2021 3:41PM EDT
Doctor Strange 2 Credits
Image: Sony and Marvel

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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

premieres on March 25th, 2022. But that’s only if the current MCU release schedule stays on track. That means we have to wait at least another six months to see the highly anticipated Doctor Strange sequel. But as it turns out, everything there is to know about Doctor Strange 2 might’ve already leaked. We covered the new Avengers team in the film, the main villain’s identity, and the heartbreaking fates of some characters. On top of that, other plot details leaked, including the puzzling Doctor Strange 2 post-credits scene. Mind you, significant spoilers follow below.

Great multiverse expectations

From the get-go, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was one of the most exciting Marvel movies in Phase 4. That’s because Marvel revealed the sequel’s title right away. We played with the multiverse concept in the Doctor Strange origin story, the Ant-Man movies, and Avengers: Endgame. But we were merely scratching the surface, as we all saw in Loki. The Doctor Strange 2 title made it clear that the multiverse will play a major part in the story.

We’ve only just discovered how important the multiverse is, thanks to Loki and What If…?. Spider-Man: No Way Home will take things even further, with Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) being included in the story.

That’s to say that you should expect plenty of multiverse action in Doctor Strange 2. Even without seeing any spoilers, you should expect plenty of character variants to appear in Multiverse of Madness. That includes crazy cameos that could come from non-MCU stories. Or Avengers who are dead in the primary timeline. If you are familiar with the spoilers, you know exactly what that means. Speaking of huge plot spoilers, this is your last chance to avoid the Doctor Strange 2 post-credits scene leak.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer
Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer: Spider-Man (Tom Holland) and Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch). Image source: Sony and Marvel

What happens in Multiverse of Madness

To recap, this major Multiverse of Madness leak comes from Reddit. Specifically, a Redditor with a great track record reporting MCU developments posted the film’s plot on Reddit a few days ago. The leak matches a previous, more detailed Doctor Strange 2 plot leak that found its way to a Discord channel.

Before we get to the puzzling post-credits scene, we have to briefly discuss the plot. The two sources deliver the same general idea. Doctor Strange and Wong (Benedict Wong) will try to protect America Chavez (Xochitl Gomez) from the story’s big villain — Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen). The story spans the multiverse, as these superheroes and villains fight over Chavez. She’s the only one who can create portals between realities, a power that Wanda needs to save her children.

As a reminder, Wanda hears the voices of her twin boys in the WandaVision post-credits scene. That’s despite having accepted the idea that the children she had with Vision were figments of her imagination.

Doctor Strange 2 will be a variation of that story — a mighty mom wants to do everything she can to defend her offspring. Ultimately, Wanda will come to her senses, but not before killing many hero variants and wreaking havoc across the multiverse.

Elizabeth Olsen as the Scarlet Witch in the last episode of WandaVision. Image source: Marvel Studios

The Doctor Strange 2 post-credits scene

The recent Reddit leak says that Wanda will damage the multiverse like she did to Earth in WandaVision. The multiverse will be more broken than ever after the events in the movie.

According to the Discord leak, the post-credit scene shows Strange getting corrupted, with a third eye growing out of his head just as Clea asks for help. It’s unclear how this all ties to the rest of the overarching Phase 4 storyline.

Strange has always had the third eye on him. That’s the Eye of Agamotto, which does double duty in the MCU as a holder for the Time Stone. The Infinity Stones are destroyed after Endgame in the main MCU. But the Eye is still a powerful artifact, and that’s what the post-credits scene might be all about.

As for Clea, she’s a powerful being from a different dimension who happens to be a disciple and love interest of Strange in the comics. Some rumors said Clea would appear in Doctor Strange 2. If these rumors are accurate, we’ll at least hear her voice. But she won’t be one of the main characters.

With the multiverse still damaged after Doctor Strange 2, the post-credits scene does make some sense. But it’s too early to know what it all means. Again, we’re assuming the leaks are accurate, which we can’t confirm at this point. Also, we have no way of knowing how many credits scenes the film will have. Plus, Marvel could always change things and go for reshoots. This has happened in the past, after all.

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