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This Fantastic Four cast leak is probably fake, but it would be so amazing

Published Dec 1st, 2021 2:23PM EST
Fantastic Four teaser from Marvel movies promo clip
Image: Marvel Studios

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Almost a year ago, Marvel gave us the first official Fantastic Four detail after announcing the movie a couple of years ago. Kevin Feige said that John Watts will direct the MCU’s reboot without revealing details about release plans or the Fantastic Four cast. The latter has been a hot topic among fans, as many of them have a particular couple of actors in mind for two of the four Fantastics. That’s husband-and-wife John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, whom fans want to play Reed Richards and Sue Storm. Some rumors said the actors have met with Feige & Co., but we mainly got denials about the matter. And Blunt made it very clear in a recent interview that she’s not too excited at the prospect of playing the Invisible Woman. But it so happens that we have two leaks on the Fantastic Four cast front.

One of them is a shady rumor that gives us the four actors who will reportedly play the four new Marvel superheroes to join the MCU. The other is a rumor from a trusted source that teases an imminent cast announcement. Needless to say, potential spoilers follow below.

The shady Fantastic Four cast leak

A person who claims they’ve worked on Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania posted on 4chan, claiming to reveal the Fantastic Four cast.

The person says that all four superheroes will appear in Ant-Man 3. That’s the reason the leaker had access to the information. But Sue and Johnny might appear in other MCU projects before Quantumania.

As a reminder, Marvel has recently delayed every MCU project after No Way Home. As a result, Ant-Man 3 is set to premiere on July 28th, 2023. That’s a date that we previously associated with Fantastic Four.

With that in mind, here’s the purported Fantastic Four cast, according to this leak:

  • Glenn Howerton – Reed Richards
  • Kristen Bell – Sue Storm
  • Chase Stokes – Johnny Storm
  • Seth Rogen – Ben Grimm

The person claims that Feige personally insisted on Rogen to get the Grimm role. Rogen was “the only choice,” if this report is accurate. Additionally, the leaker claims that director John Watts was not involved in casting the four superhero roles.

Needless to say, that cast would be off-the-charts amazing. But it’s probably fake.

The 4chan leaker also listed cast details for Quantumania, mentioning these supporting actors: Walton Goggins, Laurence Fishburne, Tim Heidecker, Lauren Lapkus, Jerome Flynn, and Bill Murray.

The more credible leaker

A leaker familiar with Marvel’s MCU goes by the name of Main Middle Man on Twitter. A few weeks ago, he said that Marvel will reveal the Fantastic Four cast details no later than the middle of 2022. The studio might announce the cast as early as late 2021, that leaker said.

This leaker posted more details about the cast at the same time as the 4chan leak emerged. Main Middle Man claims that Marvel will “soon” tell us who will play the Fantastic Four. The announcement could come between in the first half of 2022.

The leaker did not offer any names, saying in other tweets that the names they heard do not match today’s rumored cast. The one intriguing note is that Main Middle Man says he did hear about Seth Rogen a while ago.

The mysterious Twitter leaker said the Fantastic Four cast might include both famous actors and unfamiliar names. However, he did not disclose any of these names, so we’re still in the dark.

We’ll remind you that we’re looking at unconfirmed leaks, so take this Fantastic Four cast leak with the appropriate amount of salt. We have no idea when Marvel will reveal more details about future movie attractions, especially now that so many projects have been delayed. Marvel did make several MCU announcements a few days ago for Disney Plus Day. But those were only about TV shows coming to Disney Plus.

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