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People are making up coronavirus-themed episodes of ‘The Office’

Published Apr 5th, 2020 2:07PM EDT
The Office
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  • The Office just celebrated the 15th anniversary of its US debut in March.
  • Fans have been having fun imagining how a coronavirus-themed episode of the show might unfold, with tons of script ideas posted to Twitter and Reddit in recent days.
  • It’s a bit of a lighthearted antidote to the growing pile of grim coronavirus news headlines, especially as the COVID-19 virus is expected to start resulting in an ominous surge of new cases in major cities around the US in the coming days.
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It’s times like these when us die-hard fans of The Office sure wish it was still airing new episodes right about now. And not just because we want to see how things are faring with Dwight finally in control as regional manager, whether Jim and Pam are still happy together, and what antics Michael Scott is up to these days. No — we’ve actually got something else in mind.

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to worsen around the US and the rest of the world, fans of The Office have been taking to social media and, partly as an antidote to the pile of bad news and scary headlines that seems to grow by the hour, have been sharing Office fanfic in the form of coronavirus-themed episode scripts. You can find these all over Reddit and Twitter, and they will at a minimum seriously make you miss everybody’s favorite office drones from Scranton.

This one, which has been liked on Twitter almost half a million times, imagines Michael ignoring the “work from home” memo from corporate because he thinks we should all be together at the office at a scary time like this. Dwight, meanwhile, goes about his day normally and claims genetic immunity from the coronavirus, while Angela shows up to work in a hazmat suit and Kevin says it’s ok — he’s had the virus for weeks and feels fine.

I think my favorite that I’ve come across so far is this one that imagines Michael shopping at a Costco that’s deserted, since everyone is hunkering down at home as a result of most of the country being under some kind of stay-at-home order. And yet Michael is excited anyway because he usually “can’t even get in the door” at Costco on account of how packed it is:

Twitter user @back2theMatrix imagined that “Jim orders Chinese takeout and asks the delivery person to cough uncontrollably and collapse as soon as he gets past reception and over by Dwight’s desk.”

Also from Twitter, @Abishai521 suggested that Stanley might quickly shuffle out of the office and laugh hysterically as soon as they say he doesn’t have to come in the next day — Stanley, remember, was always working on his crossword puzzles and dreaming of retirement.

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