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Brand new ‘Spider-Man 3’ leak may confirm the craziest spoiler yet

March 28th, 2021 at 12:05 PM
Spider-Man No Way Home

Spider-Man: No Way Home wrapped up production a few days ago, with Tom Holland confirming that shooting had been completed for what will easily be the biggest and most important Spider-Man film ever. The Sony-Marvel movie is set to premiere on December 17th, a date that isn’t likely to see any significant changes. Marvel did postpone two out of the four MCU films set to launch this year, but we doubt it’ll budge this time around.

A leak a few days ago seemed to confirm the best Spider-Man 3 spoilers so far, and one of the reasons why No Way Home will be a Spider-Man film unlike anything Sony was able to pull off on its own. And now that production has been completed, the film’s crew might have unwittingly confirmed the leak — mind you, some major spoilers will follow below.

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When Far From Home concluded in 2019, it delivered the final piece of the Infinity Saga puzzle, including two massive credits scenes that teased the MCU’s future. One of them showed us Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) in space, teasing the SWORD organization that we’ve finally started exploring with WandaVision. The other credits scene dropped a huge bombshell: the world now knows who Spider-Man is. That’s something Sony never explored in its previous Spider-Man adventures. This scene is enough to tease a Spider-Man 3 film like nothing we’ve seen so far.

But even bigger No Way Home bombshells came in 2020 when various leaks said that Spider-Man 3 would be a multiverse story that will feature two other versions of Spider-Man. Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield will supposedly reprise their roles from previous Sony films for No Way Home. The gist of those leaks is that Spider-Man 3 is part of a Phase 3 trilogy that started with WandaVision and will conclude with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Doctor Strange will play a role in Spider-Man’s multiverse story, in addition to the other Spider-Man actors and various Spider-Man villains seen in previous Sony films.

A few days ago, various social media images revealed that Andrew Garfield’s stunt double was spotted on the No Way Home set. The obvious explanation was that Garfield is indeed in Spider-Man 3. Tom Holland denied more than once that other Spider-Man actors are in the newest Marvel movie. Still, it’s not like we seriously expect Holland to leak anything else related to the MCU, considering his hilarious history with spoilers.

That brings us to last week’s conclusion of filming for No Way Home, which infused the web with new shots from the set. In addition to Holland’s farewell photo that showed fans exactly how ripped the actor got for the role, we also saw the following image:

We’re looking at Spidey goodies given to the No Way Home crew, including a shirt with various Spider-Man photos on it. The Spider-Man image on the right happens to be Garfield’s famous Spider-Man suit and pose, which seems further to confirm the actor’s involvement in the film.

Someone went even further, apparently finding the picture used on the shirt. According to the Twitter user, it might be a cosplayer’s version of Garfield’s Spider-Man.

Redditors also discovered that the No Way Home crew member who posted the photos on Twitter deleted their account, so the original tweet is no longer available. Of course, the internet never forgets.

There’s nothing from Sony or Marvel to confirm that Spider-Man 3 will contain three distinct versions of Spider-Man. And the shirt image above might be clever marketing meant to get people talking. That said, we’re less than nine months away from the Spider-Man: No Way Home premiere, so we should start to see the first teasers and trailers for the film soon enough.

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