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Put this Netflix crime series on your watch list right now if you loved Breaking Bad

Updated 6 months ago
Snabba Cash on Netflix
Image: Gustav Danielsson/Netflix

The Sweden in Netflix’s compulsively bingeable crime drama Snabba Cash is a land of the endless hustle, a place where entrepreneurs fetishize bling and quick cash, and where swaggering business titans with outsized egos make pronouncements like I am the system. From hungry startup founders to ruthless dope dealers, everyone in this tense drama is after the same thing: The big score. More territory, edging out rivals, launching the next Spotify — it’s all part of the same frantic endgame.

Season 2 of Snabba Cash (Swedish for “easy money”) hit the streamer on Thursday, September 22, but you’d be well-served to catch up on the first season’s six episodes that are replete with explosive violence and Nordic noir. At the center of it all is Leya, a young mother dreaming of startup success who has a tantalizing question constantly hanging over her:

How far is too far to go for the life you want to live?

Snabba Cash season 2

The new season of Snabba Cash picks up one year after the events of Season One. Leya is now one of the hottest names on Sweden’s startup scene. An IPO, and the success she’s been chasing for so long, seems finally at hand — but she remains tormented by the lover she lost at the end of Ravy’s gun last season.

“Jamal is newly divorced and the operations manager at Leya’s old elementary school,” Netflix’s summary of Season 2 continues. “He’s fighting to give his young students better opportunities, but the management would rather continue to cut the budget.”

Life on the streets of Stockholm, meanwhile, is more brutal than ever. Ravy, the drug lord and main antagonist of the series, has his back against the wall, as he’s hounded by police and their new crime-fighting methods — as well as his new competitor, Zaki. The gangs continue to need young dealers to help supply a market hungrier than ever for more drugs. For the cartels, business is still booming.

Adds Netflix: “Against her will, Leya’s reminded of her previous connections with the underworld, and once again, she’s crossing paths with Ravy, Nala, and Osman — all in the ruthless chase for easy money.”

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Snabba Cash currently has a 75% score on Rotten Tomatoes. All in all, this is a fantastic Netflix crime drama, well worth your time to binge. It fulfills my main requirement of escapism, and it’s all the more magnificent thanks to Ahmad’s earnest, believable portrayal of Leya.

Meanwhile, check out some images from the newly released season of the show below.

snabba cash netflix
Dada Fungula Bozela as Ravy in the Netflix crime drama “Snabba Cash.” Image source: Gustav Danielsson/Netflix
snabba cash netflix
A production still from Season 2 of “Snabba Cash.” Image source: Gustav Danielsson/Netflix
snabba cash netflix
Evin Ahmad as Leya in “Snabba Cash.” Image source: Gustav Danielsson/Netflix

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