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Pokemon Go: How to complete A Thousand-Year Slumber and catch Jirachi

Published Aug 22nd, 2019 9:03PM EDT
Pokemon Go: How to catch Jirachi
Image: Niantic

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Pokemon Go

players have been waiting anxiously for a new Mythical Pokemon to be added to the game, and just a few days ago, their patience finally paid off as the Generation 4 Mythical Pokemon Jirachi was introduced through a brand new Special Research questline called “A Thousand-Year Slumber.”

If you want to catch the rare creature, you’ll need to complete the entire questline, which is going to take quite a while, based on the tasks required for each step of the quest. You’ll get the Special Research from Professor Willow the next time you log in to Pokemon Go and tap on the binoculars on the home screen, but if you want to know what you’re in for, read on to see all of the tasks you’ll need to complete to catch Jirachi.

A Thousand-Year Slumber (1/7)

  • Catch 25 Pokémon (1000 XP)
  • Spin 10 PokeStops or Gyms (Catch Jigglypuff)
  • Make 3 new Friends (Catch Feebas)


: Mossy Lure, Glacial Lure, Magnetic Lure

A Thousand-Year Slumber (2/7)

  • Catch 3 Whismur (10 Whismur Candies)
  • Evolve a Feebas (1500 XP)
  • Get a gold medal for the Hoenn Pokédex (1500 XP)


: 2,000 Stardust, 10 Pokéballs, 3 Incense

A Thousand-Year Slumber (3/7)

  • Take a snapshot of Loudred (Snorlax encounter)
  • Make 3 Great Throws in a row (2000 XP)
  • Earn 3 Candies walking with your buddy (2000 XP)

Rewards: 20 Silver Pinap berries, 3 Star Pieces, 2,000 Stardust

A Thousand-Year Slumber (4/7)

  • Catch 50 psychic- or steel-type Pokémon (2500 XP)
  • Power up Pokémon 10 times (2500 XP)
  • Send 10 gifts to friends (2500 XP)

Rewards: Fast TM, Premium Raid Pass, Charge TM

A Thousand-Year Slumber (5/7)

  • Battle a team leader 3 times (Kricketune encounter)
  • Win against another trainer 7 times (3000 XP)
  • Win 5 raids (3000 XP)

Rewards: 3 Rare Candies, 20 Ultra Balls, 3,000 Stardust

A Thousand-Year Slumber (6/7)

  • Take 5 photos of steel or psychic Pokémon (Chimecho encounter)
  • Make 3 excellent curveball throws (Bronzong encounter)
  • Spin a Pokéstop 7 days in a row (4000 XP)

Rewards: 10 Silver Pinap Berries, 10 Star Pieces, 5,000 Stardust

A Thousand-Year Slumber (7/7)

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA


: Jirachi encounter

Once you complete all seven steps, you will have unlimited chances to catch Jirachi. The Mythical Pokemon won’t run away, so just keep pelting it with Poke Balls until it’s part of your collection. If you are one of the lucky few that already caught a Jirachi at the latest Pokemon Go Fest, you’ll receive 40 Jirachi candy instead.

Jacob Siegal
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