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10 movies and shows you need to watch before they’re pulled from Netflix in April

Published Mar 25th, 2016 1:26PM EDT
Netflix Movies List

It’s rare that Netflix is in the news for the wrong reasons, but the company caught some bad press on Thursday night when it was revealed that it has been quietly and intentionally reducing the quality of videos it streams to AT&T and Verizon customers for the last five years. Why? Netflix says it was to help them avoid bursting through their data caps, but most people would apparently rather have a choice than be throttled. We know we would.

Of course, the news likely isn’t going to stop anyone from using Netflix’s service, though it’ll hopefully inspire the company to correct its mistake. In the meantime, time marches on and content within Netflix’s catalog comes and goes. The streaming giant is adding plenty of new titles next month but at the same time, it’s losing a bunch of movies and TV shows as licensing expires.

In this post, we’ll show you 10 titles that you absolutely need to watch — or re-watch — before they’re pulled next month.

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It’s always sad to lose content, but the good news is that you have a full week to enjoy all of the movies and TV series listed below before they start to disappear. In some cases, you’ll have even longer because many titles won’t be pulled until later in the month.

We’ll start with content that’s expiring on April 1st, including several solid films, a beloved TV series and a horror movie starring none other than Paris Hilton:

Then on April 10th, we lose the Swedish film on which Let Me In was based:

April 16th marks the day Netflix gives a classic the axe:

And finally, the Citizen Kane of our generation departs on April 20th:

Stop off to buy some popcorn on the way home from work today, because you know what you’ll be doing this weekend. And be sure to check out our earlier post for a complete list of every single movie and TV show leaving Netflix next month.

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