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‘Jason Bourne’ in 3D is making people sick, just like ‘Jason Bourne’ in 2D

Jason Bourne 3D Screenings

Yes, Jason Bourne is a bad movie when you see in 2D, but the 3D experience is much worse, and there’s a distinct possibility that watching Matt Damon’s latest adventure in 3D will make you physically sick.

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Is Jason Bourne even available in 3D you ask? Not for you and me, but for many people it’s the only way to watch it. That’s how Universal released the movie in China and other Asian markets, where most theaters are equipped to deliver 3D content, and where moviegoers prefer 3D movies. So, the people behind Jason Bourne thought it’d be a good idea to release a special 3D version of the film in these markets.

Unfortunately, the fast-paced action and the editing style of the movie have been causing problems when 3D is involved. The movie made people feel dizzy and nauseated, which is certainly not something you want to experience when going to the movies.

“I really felt sick during the fight scenes when I watched it in 3D,” a Weibo user said, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “It was like a low-budget movie. I need to watch again in 2D.”

Some people asked for their money back and even organized a protest for refunds. Watching the movie in 2D is more difficult in China, since only a handful of theaters in China have the 2D version. Universal did say that it’s working with local distributors to arrange more 2D screenings.

That said, the movie made $11.8 million in ticket sales on Thursday, a record high for the Bourne franchise in China (it also helps that 3D tickets are usually more expensive). The movie ended up raking in $25.1 million in China during its opening weekend.

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