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How to stream Yellowstone online for free and without cable

Updated 3 weeks ago
Published Apr 28th, 2022 10:13AM EDT
Yellowstone cast and crew

If you’ve been watching or streaming the Yellowstone series online since it premiered in 2018, you’d agree that one thing’s for certain: Taylor Sheridan’s work has been a rousing success.

Over the last four years, fans have been thrilled by the chaotic atmosphere surrounding the Duttons and their community. What makes Sheridan’s work so enthralling is how realistically he portrays the American Old West frontier. Particularly as regards the raging conflict between the settlers/ranchers and the Native Americans.

That’s not all. Add the complex dynamics of a dysfunctional family such as the Duttons, and you get a truly captivating storyline! A storyline that leaves you wanting more after each episode.

At the end of season four, we all watched with bated breaths as Jamie Dutton (played by Wes Bentley) shoots his biological father, Garrett (as played by Will Patton).

The season finale left us with much to look forward to. With season five scheduled to start airing this summer, fans are asking only one question—where can I stream Yellowstone online? This article will show you!

Where To Watch Yellowstone Season 4?

If you’re in the US, you’re in luck. You’ll be able to watch all episodes of Yellowstone as they air on the Paramount Network. All you need to do is top up your cable subscription and you’ll be good to go! Yellowstone Season 4 premiered on Nov 7, 2021, and is now available to watch.

How Can I Stream Yellowstone Online?

The Yellowstone series airs exclusively on the Paramount Network. However, older seasons are not available to watch on Paramount+. This essentially means that you can only watch the series as they air on cable. Although this puts a dampener on things, we’ve found three ways for you to stream Yellowstone online.


Peacock logo.
Peacock logo. Image source: NBCUniversal

NBCUniversal’s streaming service, Peacock, has exclusive rights to stream Yellowstone on demand. Although new episodes only air on the Paramount Network, you’ll be able to watch older episodes without needing a cable subscription. Let’s show you how you can watch Yellowstone for free on Peacock.

  1. Download the app: Peacock is available for download on Google Playstore and the iOS Appstore. 
  2. Create an account: This automatically gives you access to hundreds of binge-worthy movies and TV series, including Yellowstone.
  3. Watch Yellowstone Season 1 for free: Once you’ve created an account on Peacock, you’ll be able to watch the first season of Yellowstone for free—no hidden charges. However, you’ll need to choose a subscription plan to stream seasons 2-4.
  4. Use the free trial: Peacock offers new users a 7-day free trial for Peacock Premium. Within this timeframe, subsequent seasons of Yellowstone will be available for streaming.

If you’re not able to finish streaming Yellowstone for free on Peacock before the free trial, worry not. You’ll be able to continue watching the series by subscribing to Peacock Premium or Peacock Premium Plus. The plans cost $4.99 and $9.99 per month respectively. The major difference between the two plans is that the Premium Plus plan lets you stream movies completely ad-free.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video new releases for February 2022.
Amazon Prime Video new releases for February 2022. Image source: Amazon

Peacock was primarily built for a US audience. Meaning that it may not be a viable option for streaming Yellowstone online outside the country. This is despite the fact that the streaming service has extended its reach to other countries like the UK, Ireland, and Germany.

For those living in countries outside Peacock’s coverage, watching Yellowstone on Amazon Prime Video is the next best option. Please note that you’ll not be able to stream Yellowstone on Amazon Prime for free, even with a Prime Video subscription.

Each Yellowstone episode is capped at $2.99. You can opt to watch an entire season of Yellowstone on Amazon Prime for $19.99.

More ways to stream Yellowstone

If you don’t have cable but still want to watch Yellowstone online, you could always use TV streaming services. Platforms like FuboTV and Hulu offer live access to the Paramount Network without a cable subscription. So you’d be able to watch episodes as they air, just like any other person with a cable subscription. Here’s a breakdown of fees:

  • FuboTV: Like Peacock, FuboTV offers new users a 7-day free trial to access its premium features. This gives you access to premium channels, including the Paramount Network. After the free trial, you’ll be able to continue using the service at $69.99 monthly.
  • Hulu: Although Yellowstone did not originally feature on this streaming service, the situation has since changed. Now, Yellowstone fans can enjoy multiple episodes of this thrilling Western drama with a Hulu + Live TV subscription plan. The plan also costs $69.99 monthly.

As you must have noticed, the only downside to using TV live streaming services for watching Yellowstone online is the significant price difference compared to the other options. On the bright side, you’ll be able to watch your favorite shows on other channels as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which streaming service has Yellowstone?

The official streaming service for Yellowstone is Peacock. Alternatively, you can also watch Yellowstone online on different streaming services like Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Google Play Movies, and fuboTV.

Is Yellowstone free with Amazon Prime?

No. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to watch Yellowstone on Amazon Prime Video even if you have a Prime subscription. Each Yellowstone episode costs $2.99 to watch, but you can also buy access to a Yellowstone season for $19.99.

Why is Yellowstone not on Paramount Plus?

Although Yellowstone is one of the most popular shows on the Paramount Network, fans will be disappointed to find that they won’t be able to stream episodes on Paramount’s streaming service. The reason for this is quite simple. Paramount believes that a blockbuster tv series like Yellowstone should air on a platform with more reach than Paramount plus—in this case, it’s Peacock, a rival streaming agency.

How many seasons of Yellowstone are on Peacock?

Four. You’ll be able to watch all seasons of Yellowstone on Peacock premium. A free subscription lets you watch all episodes of Yellowstone season 1 for free.

Is Yellowstone on HBO Max?

No. Unfortunately, Yellowstone isn’t available on HBO Max. You can watch Yellowstone episodes as they air on the Paramount network or watch episodes online on Peacock, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video.

Can I watch Yellowstone on Hulu?

Yes! You can stream all episodes of this blockbuster tv series on Hulu, including Yellowstone season 4 episodes. However, you’ll need a Hulu prime subscription to watch all episodes of Yellowstone.

What streaming service has Yellowstone season 4?

You can watch Yellowstone season 4 on Peacock for free if you have subscribed to Peacock premium. You can also stream this tv series on Hulu and fuboTV, or buy the entire season 4 for $19.99 on Amazon Prime Video.

What’s the cheapest way to watch Yellowstone?

If you’re watching Yellowstone without a cable subscription, the cheapest option is Philo. Philo offers access to premium cable channels, including the Paramount network for only $25 per month. You can also sign up for a free 7-day trial to decide if this is the best option for you.

Can I watch Yellowstone on Netflix?

No. Yellowstone is not available for streaming on Netflix. To watch Yellowstone, you can either follow the episodes as they air on the Paramount network, or you can stream episodes online on Peacock.

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