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‘Game of Thrones’ script notes prove Tyrion really is in love with Daenerys

Published Dec 6th, 2018 8:08PM EST
Game of Thrones scripts
Image: HBO

Deep within a citadel in the ancient city of Los Angeles, an order of maesters that operate a library for the Writers Guild of America West preserves a special collection of texts. These texts are the scripts from the seven seasons of HBO’s hit fantasy epic Game of Thrones, and while they’ve been tucked away there on the first floor of that library in LA for some time now, the fascinating insights they offer in the form of script notes has in recent days been making the rounds online.

Indeed, the wealth of knowledge GoT fans may not have even been aware of until now is deep and fascinating, and it includes a ton of easter eggs, hitherto unknown revelations, and secrets that had only been speculated about before. One example involves a dramatic scene towards the end of the show’s seventh season, which concluded by leaving us with quite a gap to deal with before things pick back up in April for the eighth and final season.

The scene we’re referring to involves Tyrion, the hand of queen Daenerys, standing outside her door and looking quite bereft as she enjoys an intimate moment with Jon Snow. So much, it seemed to casual fans, could have been running through his head at that moment. It certainly looked like he was lovelorn — and notes included in the trove of WGA scripts make it as unequivocally clear as possible that Tyrion is genuinely in love with Dany. From a season six script, as recounted by Vanity Fair:

“He studies her face. […] Dany is staring into the distance so Tyrion is able to watch her from up close. (Expletive) but she is beautiful. […] He watches her for a beat too long and turns away. Lost in her own thoughts, she doesn’t notice that he’s flustered.”

Or what about this note from a season seven script, when Tyrion is watching his brother Jaime engaged in a foolhardy charge against the queen’s dragons: “The brother he loves races towards his probably death at the hands of the queen Tyrion also loves.”

Another fun factoid: The scripts also reveal at one point there was a plan for the White Walkers to communicate in a special language. A language consultant even invented a language for the creatures called Skroth.

Again, per VF: “In the show’s pilot episode, the White Walkers clearly communicate in ‘inhuman shrieks’ and ‘a chilling sound like crackling ice,’ which echoes George R.R. Martin’s description of their language in his books. The pilot script further explains: ‘These are not the noises of mindless predators. This is a language and whatever is speaking is getting closer.'”

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