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‘Far From Home’ theories clarify how Spider-Man was resurrected after ‘Infinity War’

Published Jan 22nd, 2019 8:08PM EST
Spider-Man: Far From Home
Image: Sony Pictures

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We’ve overanalyzed the first Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer, now that it’s finally out, and we explained why there should be no question about Marvel’s MCU timeline. Avengers: Infinity War, Endgame, and Far From Home happen in this order. Regardless of what happens in Endgame, that’s still the order of events. There may be time travel, time loops, and time resets in Endgame, of course. That’s something we expect from the Infinity War sequel as, somehow, the decimation must be undone.

But the Far From Home trailer doesn’t explain how Peter Parker is brought back to life for this movie. At the moment, for all we know, he’s dead for good. And Sony went to great lengths not to spoil Avengers 4 with its marketing for Spider-Man: Far From Home, although there may be hints in the trailer teasing tragic Endgame events. Marvel fans, of course, already have theories as to how Spider-Man will be saved.

Last week, a theory said that Peter never left the bus. That is, Tony Stark and co. reversed time after beating Thanos, so the battles in Infinity War did not happen. Nobody died, and Peter went about his business on that day. Other theories, meanwhile, suggest a different outcome.

Reddit user SinSanity_ believes that Far From Home takes place in a different universe:

I think after endgame the 2 universes are aware of each other and exist separately… That’s why they were fine mentioning Iron Man and Thor but neither of them (or anyone else) made an appearance… It’s also why Happy has let himself go but isn’t depressed… Endgame likely ends with the two universes becoming aware of each other and deciding to accept this separate existence with their respective heroes safeguarding their own universes.

Relegating dead heroes to a different universe, or timeline, would be a cheap trick from Marvel, one that would negate everything they achieved after Infinity War. But others have conceived similar theories that involve separate universes. A more recent post on Reddit also proposes the existence of separate universes:

My theory is that Peter Park ends up in an alternate universe/dimension post decimation. It’s likely the same thing happened to the other dusted characters, but since we’re dealing with Spider-Man, we’ll focus on him…This theory lines up with Feige’s statement about the title. [Far From Home] refers to Peter being in Europe in the movie, and it could also refer to him not being in his default reality during the movie. As mentioned above, the tone of the trailer and behavior of the characters don’t seem to be impacted by the decimation. Of course, we don’t know how Endgame will conclude, but I don’t see it ending in a way where the characters either don’t remember the decimation or ‘it never happened.’ Again, this would completely undercut the ending of Infinity War. There has to be lasting consequences of the decimation imo.

This theory, however, says that each dead character would get their own alternate dimension. Reddit user swayde620 only refers to superheroes as receiving their own universe. But let’s not forget that half of all existing beings died, including regular mortals with no special abilities. Wouldn’t each one of them deserve a different universe? Also, what would happen to the other Spider-Man that our Spider-Man would replace in that alternate universe?

The Redditor says that only Parker is transplanted into this new reality, with all the other characters, including Nick Fury and Maria Hill (who also died in Infinity War) being local citizens of that alternate universe:

Another interesting aspect of this theory is that it would mean we won’t get Peter Parker back in the default reality by the end of Endgame! Also, all the other characters in [Far From Home] including Aunt May, Fury, Hill and Happy would be a part of that alternate reality (Peter would be the only one out of place there, but unknowingly). This alternate reality theory would also explain Tony’s absence. Maybe he died under different circumstances or maybe he’s just not in the script, because the story didn’t require him to be…just like any other MCU movie that doesn’t include x,y and z characters.

The theory would also make sense only for Sony’s Marvel universe, in case Sony decides not to continue its partnership with Marvel and Disney and launch new Spider-Man films of their own. The full theory follows below:

[Spider-Man: Far From Home] How Peter Parker "comes back" from Infinity War/Endgame! from FanTheories

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