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A fan-favorite mutant might return to the MCU after WandaVision

Updated Oct 31st, 2022 10:05AM EDT
Image: Marvel Studios

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Evan Peters played Quicksilver in a few of Fox’s X-Men movies, starring in iconic action sequences that we hope to see in the MCU one day. Marvel’s MCU lost its Quicksilver very quickly, as Pietro (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) died in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Marvel did bring Peters to the MCU as Quicksilver in WandaVision. But he was actually just a red herring, as we learned near the end of the season. However, Peters might be back to the MCU soon, according to a scooper. Mind you, some spoilers might follow below.

WandaVision’s Quicksilver ruse

Rumors said we’d see Evan Peters in WandaVision, and they were right. They said he’d play Wanda’s brother, and again, they were right. But the rumors also set up expectations that WandaVision would be a bigger multiverse story, where uncontrollable magic would bring X-Men members from the Fox universe to the MCU. Like Peters’ Quicksilver.

That hasn’t happened, and by the end of WandaVision, we realized Evan Peters’ MCU debut was just a ruse. Not only were there no immediate links to the multiverse, but Peters played Ralph Bohner from Westview. He was an actor before Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) took over the city, with Agatha (Kathryn Hahn) actually pulling his strings all along.

WandaVision Episode 5
Screenshot from WandaVision Episode 5: Darcy (Kat Dennings) watching Pietro (Evan Peters) appear in Wanda’s sitcom. Image source: Marvel Studios

The point of having Peters in the show is easy to understand once you get over the fact that he’s not the X-Men you thought he’d be. Bohner confuses everyone from the moment he shows up. His target is Wanda, although he doesn’t know it. It’s Agatha that wants to make Wanda doubt herself and her powers.

Bohner says he’s Pietro but doesn’t look or feel like her brother. In turn, this can further impact Wanda’s ability to tell right from wrong and real from imaginary.

Marvel’s point with Bohner is also to confuse the audience. When he shows up in WandaVision, we think it’s Wanda who brings him in. And we assume she just snatched him from a different universe, thanks to her growing power. It won’t be until What If…? and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness that we learn how difficult it is to travel the multiverse.

Will Evan Peters return to the MCU?

That said, Marvel could always find an explanation for Bohner actually being a Quicksilver variant from the multiverse. Not that we necessarily need Evan Peters to play the role, no matter how much we liked those Quicksilver scenes in the X-Men movies.

On the other hand, Marvel could have him play the exact same Quicksilver variant in another multiverse movie that involves multiverse travel. Deadpool 3, now confirmed, is one of the possibilities.

It’s unclear when Evan Peters will return to the MCU and in what capacity. But the word on the street is that the actor is in talks with Marvel for an upcoming project.

Agatha: Coven of Chaos is an obvious choice, as the Disney Plus TV show is connected to WandaVision. And Agatha did mess with Bohner’s mind.

Coven of Chaos premieres in Winter 2023, so there’s plenty of time to learn more about Evan Peters’ return. Plus, Marvel is now giving Vision his own series, so maybe Peters will pop up in that. Deadpool 3 hits theaters in September 2024, if that’s where Peters’ Quicksilver will pop in.

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