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Deadpool & Wolverine spoiler might tease Iron Man’s return

Published Mar 18th, 2024 9:20PM EDT
Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) in Deadpool & Wolverine trailer 1.

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One of the best things about Deadpool & Wolverine is that we don’t know everything about it. Deadpool 3 is the first Multiverse Saga movie that hasn’t had its plot leaked in full months ahead of its premiere. There is still plenty of time left until its July 26 release date, but with other recent Marvel movies, everything would have already leaked by now.

However, the plot of Deadpool 3 isn’t a total secret, and some aspects of it have already leaked, like the TVA’s involvement and some of the cameos. Marvel used the first trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine to confirm some of those rumors.

We still don’t know what happens in Deadpool 3, why the universe needs these Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) and Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) variants, or how it all leads to Avengers: Secret Wars.

I do have one new and rather exciting Deadpool & Wolverine plot detail for you, courtesy of one of the usually accurate Marvel insiders. It doesn’t spoil the overall plot of Deadpool 3, but it might be a big leak for a different MCU event that we all anticipate: The return of Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.).

Before we proceed, I’ll give you the usual warning: Avoid what follows if you don’t want spoilers to ruin the surprise once Deadpool 3 hits theaters.

Hugh Jackman practically told us…

As soon as Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman released that Deadpool 3 teaser that confirmed Wolverine’s return, Jackman gave various interviews that addressed his willingness to return to his iconic superhero roles.

He explained what he had said years before. That Logan concluded his Wolverine arc rather perfectly, and he wouldn’t want to ruin any of that. Wolverine died, and Deadpool 3 should not change that. If that sounds familiar, that’s because we’re looking at Marvel’s Iron Man predicament. Marvel needs Tony Stark to return for Secret Wars, but in a manner that doesn’t ruin the character’s Endgame.

Iron Man will forever have to die, even if he returns for Avengers 6; that’s my take. And Hugh Jackman practically told us that’s what’s happening. Well, that’s what’s happening with Wolverine.

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in Logan
Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine in Logan. Image source: Fox

According to the actor, Marvel has a time travel device that lets the studio use Wolverine without destroying the Logan finale. We speculated at the time the device was the TVA, and Marvel has practically confirmed it with the first Deadpool & Wolverine trailer.

The same logic can apply to Iron Man for Secret Wars. And, again, the TVA can be the answer to Marvel’s needs.

This still leaves one big question unanswered: Why? Why get Wolverine from the Fox timeline and bring him to the MCU? Similarly, why would the Avengers need this particular Iron Man version to defeat Kang in Endgame? That’s where the new Deadpool 3 plot spoiler comes in.

Iron Man’s key place in the universe

Marvel leaker Daniel Richtman shared new details about the MCU on his Patreon. That’s where the Deadpool & Wolverine detail comes from.

According to Richtman, Deadpool 3 will introduce a new multiverse concept. Every universe has a being that’s incredibly important for that reality. Without that superhero, the universe will die. This detail is so general that we can interpret it in several ways.

Wolverine could be one of these characters. I’m certain of it. Previous Deadpool & Wolverine leaks said that Deadpool will try to convince Jackman’s Wolverine to help him in whatever mission the TVA gives him because he’s the best Wolverine.

Rumors also say we’ll get exciting cameos in the form of Wolverine variants. But maybe Jackman’s Wolverine is important for various universes, which might die without him.

On the other hand, this Wolverine has to go back after the events in Deadpool & Wolverine to die. Jackman also said that from the point of view of Wolverine, the events in Deadpool 3 precede Logan. Therefore, he might have to go back to that universe and die in it to ensure the entire reality doesn’t die without him.

Where is Iron Man in all of this? Well, what if he’s the key character that ensures the main MCU reality doesn’t die? What if you need this specific Iron Man variant to ensure Earth-616 survives? Sure, Iron Man might have to die in Endgame.

Iron Man in Avengers: Endgame final battle
Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) in Avengers: Endgame final battle. Image source: Marvel Studios

But the multiverse lets you pick him up for a bigger adventure, like Secret Invasion, to ensure this reality doesn’t succumb. Then, you can put Iron Man back on his path towards his death.

It is a little mind-bending, and it’s all speculation. But it can answer the “why” question. And it might not make sense if the character dies in that reality; this isn’t lost to me. But since the TVA can pick up Wolverine and Iron Man whenever they need them, that’s your fix.

If rumors are correct, and the multiverse will disappear after Secret Wars, then so will these resurrections. Because yes, I’m also aware they can be annoying.

As always, there’s no guarantee this comes true. We’ll have to wait. But it fits with the overall MCU narrative that RDJ’s Iron Man and other superheroes who might be dead or hailing from a different universe will appear in Secret Wars.

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