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Deadpool 3’s Wolverine vs. Deadpool fight leaked, and you have to watch it

Published Jul 11th, 2023 10:24AM EDT

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The recent Deadpool 3 leaks and reveals make so much more sense now that the first Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) vs. Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) fight scene has leaked. First, the new costumes for both Deadpool and Wolverine leaked online. The former appeared in set photos. Then Hugh Jackman teased the new Deadpool 3 suits via his social media channels, confirming that Wolverine will wear the yellow-and-blue suit from the comics.

Now, we have actual video footage of a fight sequence that just leaked between the film’s protagonists. They probably knew they could not avoid set photos and video leaks once they reached this particular day of shooting. That is why it made more sense to reveal the costumes via social media.

Mind you, major spoilers will follow below. Avoid these fight sequences at all costs if you want to be surprised come next May when Deadpool 3 hits theaters.

Two things were always certain about Deadpool 3 once Reynolds and Jackman confirmed they’d both be in it.

First, this was going to be a multiverse movie. It’s the only way for Deadpool to transition to the MCU. And for him to meet Wolverine variants.

Secondly, we knew these two would fight it out. Maybe more than once. And maybe for the silliest of reasons. After all, these characters do not always see eye to eye. Add the multiverse angle, and there might be instances where each one will fight variants of the other. Or themselves.

I’m speculating here, but the point is that I always expected Deadpool and Wolverine to duke it out in Deadpool 3. So I’m not surprised to see that one of those fights has already leaked.

I’ll also add that Deadpool and Wolverine fighting is a never-ending story. Neither can really die. Or, they’re at least incredibly difficult to kill. And either mutant could outpower the other in certain cases.

The 3-minute clip above shows Deadpool and Wolverine fighting it out on a beach somewhere. That’s not enough to reveal any plot spoilers, but the two have clearly reached a point where swords and claws must replace words. Well, I expect Wade to annoy Logan throughout the fight with words as well.

While the specific reason for this fight is unknown, we see the focus is on Wolverine this time. Deadpool is in for quite a beating, which involves him being thrown through a wall. Or getting impaled by Wolverine’s claws, a classic Wolverine move. But when Deadpool does get impaled, he will quickly recover. I can’t wait to see the VFX version of the scene.

That’s right; we’re looking at a very rough cut here. The Deadpool 3 cast and crew have been filming this sequence to get the moves right. Once they’re happy with the final take, it’ll go to the editing room, where VFX wizards will add the adamantium claws and other details to the scene.

We’ll then have to wait until next year for the final result. This is either a fight that Marvel might feature in Deadpool 3 promo or a fight we’ll only see in the movie.

But since this is a Reynolds-Jackman film, with the two actors having a hilarious frenemy relationship off-screen that complements the Deadpool-Wolverine rivalry, I already expect them to take pride in fighting each other via some clever marketing stunt on social media.

Deadpool 3 premieres on May 2nd, 2024, and I couldn’t be more excited. Hopefully, this could be one of the films that help Marvel right the MCU ship again.

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