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Miss ‘Breaking Bad’? Binge-watch the entire show starting right now

Breaking Bad Marathon

If you have a few days to kill during the typically lazy window between Christmas and New Years Eve, you might want to check out what’s cookin’ over at AMC. Indeed, you might want to cancel any upcoming obligations on your schedule, stake out a comfortable seat on your couch, and sit back and enjoy every single episode of Breaking Bad.

Beginning today at 12PM, AMC will be running a Breaking Bad marathon that will run straight through December 30. If you haven’t yet seen the show or are simply looking to reacquaint yourself with what is largely regarded as one of the best television shows in recent history, you’ll definitely want to clear out some room on your DVR. You can also head on over to AMC’s schedule page for a complete timeline of when each episode is slated to air.

Incidentally, Bryan Cranston recently reprised his Walter White character on a recent episode of Saturday Night Live. On the off-chance you missed it, the overarching plot is that President-elect Donald Trump selects White to head up the Drug Enforcement Agency.

Also worth noting, if you happen to be a big Cranston fan, is that the acclaimed actor has recently been making the rounds for his new memoir, A Life in Parts. Naturally, there are more than a few Breaking Bad related tidbits in there, including the fact that Aaron Paul’s Jesse character was originally intended to appear in only a few episodes. As Cranston recently detailed during an interview on The Dan Le Batard Show, Paul was merely going to be used as a conduit for Walter White to get into the drug business. However, once the show’s creators saw the on-screen chemistry between Paul and Cranston, Jesse was incorporated as an integral part of the show’s story arc.

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