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Avengers: The Kang Dynasty writer teases Daredevil’s appearance

Published Mar 27th, 2023 10:01PM EDT
Daredevil (Charlie Cox) appears in his new yellow suit in She-Hulk promo.
Image: Marvel Studios

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Charlie Cox’s Daredevil already appeared in the MCU in Spider-Man: No Way Home and She-Hulk, and the character is getting his own Disney Plus TV show that’s currently filming. That’s a great development for the fan-favorite superhero that appeared in the Netflix Marvel universe before jumping to the MCU. And now that Daredevil is in the MCU, we expect him to fight alongside the Avengers in Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars.

While we’re years away from Marvel teasing the Avengers lineups in these movies, we’ve seen some speculation about Daredevil appearing in upcoming Avengers movies as soon as Kang Dynasty. We’re now seeing teasers from the writer of Quantumania and Kang Dynasty, a person who is intimately involved in shaping up the next big Avengers story. Know that Kang Dynasty spoilers might follow before proceeding with this article.

When will Daredevil join the new Avengers?

Kevin Feige revealed to the world last September that the MCU has no Avengers after Endgame. That’s the sort of unpleasant surprise that Marvel didn’t address during the entire MCU Phase 4. And it made the Avengers the biggest plot hole of the chapter, as they were nowhere to be found.

It’s going to be up to the new Captain America (Anthony Mackie) to assemble a new team in New World Order. The movie will take place well ahead of the events in Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars. And it’ll be interesting to see what the team will look like, considering the rumors around Captain America 4. Specifically, Sam Wilson might pick a fight with Thunderbolt Ross (Harrison Ford), who will be the US president in the movie.

Charlie Cox as Daredevil in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.
Charlie Cox as Daredevil in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. Image source: Marvel Studios

With that in mind, seeing when Daredevil joins the Avengers team will be interesting. Whether he’ll help them before Kang Dynasty or join them exactly because a coalition of Kangs (Jonathan Majors) attacks in Avengers 5. We do know from No Way Home She-Hulk that Matt Murdock is involved in defending superheroes or people close to them. Therefore, a relationship with the Avengers seems inevitable.

Recent rumors said that Daredevil is one of the characters that Kevin Feige wants in the upcoming Avengers movies. But those reports also noted that Daredevil might only appear in Secret Wars.

Kang Dynasty and the Daredevil teaser

In the wake of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Jeff Loveness talked at length about the Marvel movies he’s writing. He explained his choices for Quantumania’s Kang and delivered a few exciting spoilers for Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars.

His latest Kang Dynasty teaser comes from an interview with Polygon where he tackled the big MCU villain again.

“I wish Hawkeye a lot of luck,” he said. “I’m sure Daredevil and Moon Knight are gonna be great against those guys.”

By “those guys,” Loveness meant the Kang Council that appeared during the Ant-Man 3 credits scenes. Kang the Conqueror warned during Quantumania that the other Kangs are the real threat. And they’re now coming after the Avengers.

Daredevil (Charlie Cox) appears in his new yellow suit in She-Hulk promo.
Daredevil (Charlie Cox) appears in his new yellow suit in She-Hulk promo. Image source: Marvel Studios

“I just love the setup of: He’s not a liar,” Loveness said. “If you go back and watch the movie, and listen to what he’s saying, we’re in a lot of trouble, because he was the only thing that can stop these guys.”

As terrifying as the Kangs from the Council might seem, Quantumania told us they were afraid of the Conqueror themselves. They didn’t have the guts to kill him and exiled him to the Quantum Realm. Interestingly, they’re unhappy with his presumed death, although we have yet to see a body.

Getting back to Daredevil, it’ll be interesting to see him fight various Kang variants, given Loveness’s teaser. Whether he’ll be an anointed Avenger by the time Kang Dynasty hits theaters or join the team as they fight this new threat, Daredevil will be an exciting addition. And if Daredevil doesn’t show up in Kang Dynasty, he must appear in Secret Wars. Avengers 6 will rival Endgame in scope, with a massive team of superheroes joining forces to beat an incredible villain.

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