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Someone claims to know what happens in ‘Avengers: Endgame’ and he wrote out the first two acts

Published Mar 6th, 2019 1:54PM EST
Avengers: Endgame Spoilers
Image: Marvel

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It’s been a busy day when it comes to Marvel leaks, as we’ve already seen both Captain Marvel credits scenes, and they’re both are pretty important for what’s about to follow in Avengers: Endgame. On top of that, we’ve got at least a few people on Reddit claiming they know what happens in Endgame, though none have provided any proof. That said, you absolutely have to read the following “spoilers,” which supposedly reveal the plot of the first two acts in Avengers 4. I will warn you that there’s no way to verify the authenticity of this information until the movie premieres next month. If you want to avoid spoilers or fan theories that will plant things in your head before Endgame launches though, you’d better steer clear. But if you’re used to going through fan theories and you’re eager to see spoilers, then you should definitely check this out because it’s remarkably detailed.

Posted by a throwaway Reddit account, the text at the end of this post has over 1,700 words and originates from 4chan. If it’s the real deal, someone might get in trouble over at Marvel or Disney. If it’s fake, someone went through a lot of trouble to put this thing together.

I’m inclined to believe that the leak isn’t genuine because Marvel knows how to protect its storylines from leaking. However, the person who wrote this did their homework. This “leak” ties very well into the Captain Marvel post-credits scenes, as well as the Lego sets that leaked earlier this week that tease specific Endgame scenes.

In what follows, I’ve pasted the entire piece of unedited text from Reddit just in case someone removes it for Reddit, so you can appreciate the effort that went into this and what could happen in Avengers 4. At the end of the day, it’s a very interesting and complex fan theory, if nothing else. Also, I’ve linked all the relevant Endgame leaks that may have been used to create this if it isn’t real:

I have a good chunk of information regarding the first two acts of Endgame:

-The first act of the movie isn’t very action heavy but moves very quickly and covers a lot of ground.

-Tony and Nebula are trapped in space.

-The whole opening is a spiritual reimagining Tony’s “escape from the cave.”

-He uses pieces of Nebula to repair the ship and escape to Earth.

-Title card

-Thanos is on Titan 2, alone and meditating.

-Gamora appears to speak with him. She forgives him for his actions, and apologizes for her own.

-Gamora disintegrates to reveal he’s using the gauntlet to do some weird-ass puppet show for himself with the image of Gamora. This shows the audience that while damaged, the gauntlet still works.

-Ant-Man is falling through the quantum realm. He trips through time, seeing the past and future laid out before him. He sees himself becoming Ant Man, going to prison, and even gets a glimpse of his daughter years down the road.

-He tries to exit the realm as close to the present as possible but lands a couple of weeks later than intended. How convenient!

-He exits on the roof next to the van and Pym’s equipment. No one is to be seen.

-After some NYC post-snap establishing shots, we catch up with Captain America and Rhodey at the Snap support meeting.

-The scene makes it clear that Cap has absolutely no intention of moving on.

-Thor has found a place for his people to live and Rocket has joined him as Rocket doesn’t really have anyone else.

-Short Valkyrie cameo here. Thor wants to find Thanos ASAP and avenge the dead by killing him. Valkyrie insists it’s dangerous for the Avengers to strike back before they’re ready.

It’s at this point that Rocket receives a signal from the Benatar headed toward Earth.

-He and Thor intercept the ship as it lands. Rocket is super bummed to see that everyone but Nebula is dead.

-He comments on Stark’s impressive modification of the ship and the two hit it off immediatley.

-Widow and Banner speak at Avengers HQ. They still aren’t really sure where they stand with each other. Steve and Rhodey eventually join the group at HQ.

-Steve and Natasha want to try to do something to avenge the dead. Rhodey and Banner are ready to give up and don’t believe anything can be done.

-Tony makes a stop at home to see Pepper. He makes it clear that he needs to fix what happened and she has to accept it. He leaves.

-A computer alarm sounds at Avengers HQ and the group go to see that Fury’s beacon has stopped transmitting the message that lead them to it in the first place. Marvel shows up looking for Fury and they begin to explain things to her.

-Tony, Thor, Nebula, and Rocket approach the Avengers HQ. Thor senses an Infinity Stone nearby and they prepare for a fight with Thanos as they soar into the compound.

-Marvel engages in a skirmish with the understandably trigger happy Tony and Co. before Steve, Rhodey, and Widow break up the fight.

-Thor tells the rest that Marvel gives off the same energy as an infinity stone. Banner asks her if he can take some scans.

-Tony and Steve reunite. They don’t speak about their differences, and only engage in awkward small talk.

-Thor expresses his wishes to go after Thanos, and Tony doesn’t think it’s worth the risk. Tony explains that he wants to fix things just as badly as they all do, but that’s he’s made the mistake of running into things headfirst too many times and if they’re going to attempt anything, it needs to be done carefully.

-The next day, Ant Man shows up at Avengers HQ. His daughter and family have all disappeared and he’s freaked out.

-Rhodey makes a joke about how many people have shown up at the door in the last day.

-They tell Ant Man what happened with Thanos.

-Ant Man explains the breakthrough they had with the quantum realm. Scott is convinced that they can go back in time to change the events of the past and stop Thanos, but Tony makes it clear that changing the past drastically is too dangerous.

-Ant Man is hysterical and begs Tony to try anything, telling him about how he saw his older daughter in the quantum realm and believes that some reality where she is alive must exist. This strikes a chord with Tony.

-Banner finished analyzing his scans of Marvel and speaks with Tony. He tells him that Captain Marvel is almost a perfect replica of an infinity stone herself (even more powerful than Scarlett Witch,) and this leads Tony to the idea that he may be able to replicate the stones with the right tech. This would enable them to retrieve the stones in the past without drastically upsetting space/time.

-Tony goes to Wakanda with Banner, Marvel, Rocket, Nebula, and Rhodey to look into some of Shuri’s research and her scans of Vision.

-They are able to get some useful information that will help them create something to control the stones.

-M’Baku pledges to help them should the need arise. Tony asks him to continue using their tech to help the world deal with the repercussions of the snap.

-The rest of the group go look for Clint. They run into him showing off his new combat skills as Ronin. They manage to recruit him.

-On Titan 2, Thanos has another conversation with young soul stone Gamora. She shows him all of the souls he snapped.

-Now the group begin to plan their assault on Thanos.

-The plan is to copy each of the stones in the past via the quantum realm and form a new gauntlet.

-The info from Shuri’s computer helps them understand how to build a receptacle for the stones.

-Captain Marvel’s composition helps them understand how to copy the stones.

-Once they get the new gauntlet, they will undo the snap and then attempt to kill Thanos to keep him from doing more damage.

-Ant Man will help one team enter the quantum realm and Marvel will help the other team pass through it.

-We get a timeskip montage that brings us into the second act of the film. They aren’t explicit about how long the skip is, but it isn’t nearly as long as other leaks have suggested. Maybe a few weeks max.

-In the montage, Tony reworks some old tech with Banner and Rocker to make devices for copying the stones. They also make suits for everyone. We get a sneak peak at the War Buster Armor. Cap gets his shield back.

-Before they set off, there are some character moments.

-Thor and Ronin discuss the loss of their families.

-Natasha and Banner talk about Banner being unable to summon Hulk.

-Tony and Steve have an awkward conversation about working together again.

-The team heads out in two groups. One will get the Space and Mind stones, and one will get the Reality and Power stones. They will regroup after that and move onto the final two stones.

-Space and Mind: Tony, Ant Man, War Machine, Natasha, Banner. Battle of NYC. The Tesseract is in plain sight, mind stone is literally inside Stark tower at one point with only Loki defending it.

-Banner is tasked with copying the Tesseract while Natasha and War Machine help defend it.

-Banner struggles to bring out the Hulk still and Natasha tries to help coax him out but is unsuccessful.

-Tony and Ant Man go after Loki and the scepter, running into past Cap, who they have a brief comedic interaction with.

-They disarm Loki immediately after his conversation with Past Tony and copy the scepter before giving it back to him, much to his surprise (evacuating the situation after copying stones to the shock of past characters becomes a bit of a running joke.)

-Banner comes face to face with the past Hulk after Hulk saves him from some Chitauri. They share a silent state amd Banner has some kind of visible mental epiphany.

-With both stones copied, they ditch the city, much to the confusion of the old Avengers.

-Reality and Power: Thor, Cap, Marvel, Rocket, Clint, and Nebula. Rocket and Thor’s combined knowledge tell them that there were two stones on Nowhere at one time.

-They intercept the Guardians showing the stone to the Collector and demand he bring them the Reality Stone.

-He brings them to the massive receptacle he keeps the reality stone in and they prepare to copy the stones.

-Unfortunately for them, they still need to deal with Ronan. Rocket figures that preventing him from showing up entirely will affect time/space too much.

-Marvel, Thor, Rocket, and Nebula fight alongside the past Guardians to hold back Ronan’s army while the stones are copied, mostly playing defense so as not to change the past too much.

-Ronin and Cap defend the stones up close.

-They manage to copy the stones and abandon the Guardians, much to their confusion.

-During the copying scenes, we see Thanos on Titan 2. While the stones are being copied, the stones in his gauntlet begin to flicker as if they’re being activiated. Thanos notices this and puts on the gauntlet. He pauses for a moment and says “Stark.”

-The group meet back at HQ. On the way through the Quantum Realm, Tony sees that he and Pepper have a daughter in the future. They repair equipment and Cap congratulates Tony on a clever plan. They send Thor and Cap to go find Wong for the next phase of the plan.

-Natasha and Banner discuss Hulk. Banner realizes that he hasn’t been appreciate of the Hulk saving his ass and treats him like a child.

-Tony goes home to see Pepper before they finish the mission. He’s attacked by several Outriders at his home.

-He kills them and rushes back to HQ.

Cap and Thor are also attacked while recruiting Wong.

-Everyone returns to HQ. Thanos attacks.

-Thanos is kicking ass. Marvel holds her own. Banner manages to Hulk out and evens the odds.

-Wong tricks Thanos and traps him in an alternate dimension. He’s clear that it won’t hold Thanos for long.

-The group begin hunting the last two infinity stones after this. Unsure what happens past this point.

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