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‘Captain Marvel’ answers tons of ‘Avengers: Endgame’ questions – here are all the mysteries it solved

Updated Mar 11th, 2019 8:33AM EDT
Avengers: Endgame Spoilers
Image: Marvel Studios

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Captain Marvel

will top the box office with ease this weekend, considering it’s the most anticipated film of the week and the final Marvel movie before Avengers: Endgame. As expected, the movie answers plenty of questions about Endgame and the MCU universe, but it also creates plenty of new mysteries as well. After all, we’re looking at a span of 15 years between Captain Marvel and The Avengers, and Nick Fury started working with some of the original Avengers well ahead of that. Mind you, if you haven’t seen Captain Marvel, you’re in for quite a few spoilers — the same goes for Endgame too, as we’re going to discuss the Captain Marvel post-credits scenes and they involve Endgame.

As we expected, Captain Marvel doesn’t just introduce Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel — well, technically, nobody uses her superhero name at all in the movie. The film also covers the creation of the Avengers program, as well as Nick Fury’s evolution from a regular old spy to a determined operative who’s about to form the most powerful team of heroes on Earth.

We finally found out how Captain Marvel is born. It’s not the Kree who turned Carol Danvers into a superhero. They just put a contraption on her that was designed to limit her power. What’s interesting is that the Tesseract’s energy is what created this superhero. She’s the most powerful Avenger, if you think about it, considering what she can do.

Also, she’s the real first Avenger. Captain America shouldn’t even be considered the first Avenger even though he was the first human with extraordinary abilities in the MCU, and he got them back in World War 2 — of course, we’re all ignoring the fact that Wakanda had a Black Panther for thousands of years, but I digress. It’s because of Carol’s fighter plane that Fury gets his inspiration for the Avengers program. The ‘Protector Initiative’ sounds incredibly dull.

As for her suit, the differences between the original Captain Marvel armor and the one we see in the credits scene might not be that major. We’re just looking at a different paint job, and we’ve already learned that the suit lets you customize the colors as you see fit.

Image source: YouTube

We also know that Carol took Fury’s pager from him so he couldn’t call backup without her knowledge. She then tweaked it and gave it back to the SHIELD boss only for emergencies. We’ve now officially learned from Marvel that we have no real idea whether or not Fury had tried to call on Captain Marvel before Infinity War.

She will appear on Earth very soon after the snap. What the leaked credits scenes didn’t make entirely clear, because they were so blurry, was that Captain Rogers and Co. were monitoring the count of dead people at the Avengers compound when the pager stopped working. When you watch the scene in theaters, you’ll see that the pager still had Captain Marvel’s colors on it. Even so, nobody on the team recognized the symbol. Not even Natasha, who’s been with Fury for years. Not even Rocket, who may have heard stories about it — though that assumes Rocket is with them somewhere.

In the days preceding the film’s launch we also learned that Samuel L. Jackson’s claim that Captain Marvel can travel through time was made up, which means any theory or “leaked” story that says Carol can travel through time is bogus.

Image source: Marvel Studios

We also learned how Fury lost his eye. The filmmakers trolled us once, but it turns out that it’s the “cat” who did it. Although that’s not something Fury will ever confirm or deny. Also, it’s understandable why he doesn’t trust anybody. He just witnessed shape-shifting aliens on earth, as well as a cat with monstrous tentacles shooting out of her mouth. The universe is a lot bigger than he thought, and a lot more dangerous.

There’s also Agent Coulson to consider. It’s clear why Fury trusted him for so many years. Coulson had his back in Captain Marvel and proved to be a worthy SHIELD agent.

Let’s also address Ronan the Accuser’s brief appearance in Captain Marvel. He realizes the massive potential of Carol Danvers after witnessing her destroy one of his ships and says he’s going to be back for this weapon. It’s unclear at this point whether they’re aware that an Infinity Stone gave Carol her powers. But witnessing Captain Marvel’s power may have been enough for Ronan to decide to keep the Power Stone for himself in the future, in Guardians of the Galaxy, after realizing what that artifact could offer him.

Finally, there was no Doctor Strange in Captain Marvel whatsoever. As much as he may prove to have influenced events of the past, he wasn’t shown anywhere in the film or the post-credits scenes. Of course, doing so would give us a major Endgame spoiler.

Image source: Marvel

We can’t conclude this post without mentioning Stan Lee. He appears in the movie, playing himself repeating a line from a movie you might be aware of: Mallrats. That’s also a huge nod to Kevin Smith, and it’s quite puzzling. Speaking of things that are puzzling, we also looked at all the new questions Captain Marvel raises and rounded them up in a single post — check it out at this link.

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