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Avengers: Endgame’s most epic deleted scene is finally out – watch it right here

Avengers Endgame Deleted Scenes

Disney+ subscribers have been able to stream Avengers: Endgame since launch day, and that includes access to a few key deleted scenes that were detailed in previous reports. We already saw Tony Stark meeting a teenage version of his daughter, which would have happened after he snapped his fingers to kill Thanos and all his forces. The iconic Iron Man-Spider-Man reunion scene could have been a lot different, and we have a deleted scene for that as well. But Disney+ is also home to one of the most epic Endgame scenes that were cut from the movie, the trench scene that we had already heard of before.

It’s a scene where almost every hero from the MCU gets to meet face to face, including characters who have never interacted. This scene takes place at some point during the battle since they’re planning to get Stark’s gauntlet to the Quantum Realm, and it includes the alternate Tony-Peter reunion.

The scene has several key lines in it, as well as different versions of scenes that did make it into the final cut. One of the gems includes Mantis marveling at the new Gamora and wondering whether she’s a zombie. We also get to see Tony Stark getting in an argument with Doctor Strange, or Doctor Weird, as Star-Lord calls him. Not to mention the Ant-Man and the Wasp bit where she calls Steve Rogers “Cap.”

But best of all, we get to see the incredible effort that goes into pulling off moments like these. This isn’t a finished scene. The green screens are clearly visible since the CGI isn’t done for it. All we have is actors playing their parts, and it’s great to see them in their MCU skins.

Ultimately, however, the scene wouldn’t have worked very well in the movie because it’s definitely too crowded and unnatural. It’s highly unlikely for all these heroes to end up in the same trench at the same time during a hectic battle. That said, the deleted scene is still worth checking out. You can see it on Disney+ if you have a subscription, or on YouTube (below), although the picture quality isn’t as great.

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