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Best Philips Hue deals right now

Updated Jan 5th, 2023 11:09AM EST
Image: Maren Estrada for BGR

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Are you on the lookout for the best deals on Philips Hue bulbs? Amazon has a great sale going on right now and you’re not going to find lower prices anywhere. In fact, there are rare discounts today on several of the most popular Philips Hue smart lights in the world. That means now is the perfect time to get started on your Philips Hue setup, or to expand the current smart lighting in your home.

There is one important thing to note, however. Several of the deals we found over the past few weeks are already either sold out or ended. That means you’re almost certainly running out of time to save money with Amazon’s terrific Philips Hue deals.

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Philips Hue A19 Multicolor LED Smart Light Bulbs cost $55 apiece. Amazon offers single bulbs on sale from time to time — like right now, there’s an 18% discount. But there’s an even better deal you need to check out. After all, who buys just one Philips Hue bulb?

You can save even more by getting the Philips Hue A19 Multicolor Bulb 3-pack. It’s normally $135, but today it’s somehow on sale for $84.99. That’s under $29 per bulb, which is an incredible discount compared to $55 each.

And incredibly, the best-selling Philips Hue LED LightStrip and Philips Hue TV LightStrip both have rare discounts today!

Philips Hue white bulbs are also on sale with a rare discount. And there are a few additional deals that you’ll want to take a look at, so we’ll cover them all right here.

It’s important to note that several of the deals we found are on the verge of selling out. That means you’ll need to move quickly if you want to save.

Best Philips Hue deals for December 2022

There was a time not very long ago when Philips Hue LED deals were so easy to find. The company’s smart light bulbs would go on sale all the time at deep discounts.

There would be different Philips Hue deals available each week. Then, nearly every popular bulb in the company’s lineup would be discounted during big sales events.

More recently, however, things have changed. Incredibly, almost no Philips Hue deals were available at all during the Black Friday and Cyber Week sales ahead of the holidays last year.

Opportunities to save on Philips Hue bulbs are definitely quite rare right now. But they do exist and you have to make sure you take advantage when the chance to save some cash does arise.

One such opportunity is available right now on Amazon. There, you’ll find a few great deals on some of Philips Hue’s most popular smart lights.

Philips Hue color bulbs on sale

The Philips Hue A19 Multicolor LED Smart Light Bulb is the single most popular bulb the company makes. Of course, it used to be quite pricey at an MSRP of $55 a pop.

Right now on Amazon, however, you can buy individual bulbs with an 18% discount. That being said, it could vanish at any moment.

Before you take advantage of that offer, however, there are more Philips Hue deals you should check out. After all, people typically want more than one bulb.

The best offer on Amazon right now is a deal on the Philips Hue A19 Multicolor Bulb 3-pack. You’ll save 14% if you bundle it with an Echo Dot.

If ever there was a time to expand the Philips Hue setup in your smart home, this is it. We’re not sure how long this deep discount will last, but we doubt it’ll be back anytime soon once it’s gone.

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Also, you can get next-generation Philips Hue smart bulbs for $49 each right now instead of $59. But that deal is only available if you’re an Amazon Prime member.

More top Philips Hue smart light deals

In addition to the Philips Hue deals above, there are some other deals you should check out today. Just note that these deals are selling out fast. It could be now or never if you’re hoping to expand your Philips Hue smart lighting setup.

Both of the offers above are great for people who already have Philips Hue setups in their homes. But there is one other deal that is perfect for people who are just beginning to build out a Philips Hue setup.

The Philips Hue White Ambiance Smart Bulbs with two white bulbs has a discount that chops 10% off the retail price. That’s a great price since these bulbs almost never go on sale.

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We’ve also included some other great Philips Hue deals that are running right now on Amazon.

Just remember, these are limited-time deals that could disappear at any time. Several of the deals we found earlier in the week are now gone or sold out. That means today could be your last chance to save.

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Why we recommend Philips Hue

There are so many different options available these days when it comes to smart LED lighting solutions. So why do we recommend Philips Hue? There are several different reasons why Philips Hue is still the best smart light brand after all these years.

First, Philips Hue has no peers when it comes to variety. No matter what type of smart light you’re looking for, you’ll find it somewhere in the Philips Hue lineup.

From regular A19 bulbs and BR30 bulbs to LED light strips, candle lights, outdoor lights, and more, it’s all in Philips Hue’s lineup. You’ll even find bulbs and other lights that you never knew existed.

Philips Hue makes plenty of different lamps and light fixtures now, too. That includes everything from floor lamps and pendant lights to outdoor spotlights and wall lights.

Also, Philips Hue lights are compatible with just about any smart home system. That means you can easily integrate them into your various automations. You can also create new automations using your smart home system or the Philips Hue app.

The app, by the way, is another point in Philips Hue’s favor. There is so much versatility in a Philips Hue smart lighting setup, and it can all be controlled with ease using the company’s app.

In the end, the only real strike against Philips Hue is price, since there are plenty of cheaper options out there. Of course, that’s why we’ve rounded up all the best Philips Hue deals in this guide!

Go here to see this month’s best deals online!

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