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Best Shoe Deodorizer and Odor Eliminator

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Have you ever been embarrassed to take your shoes off? Sure, you may have some blisters or longer toenails that you’ve been meaning to cut, but the number one reason people are uncomfortable to take their shoes off has to do with foot odor. Smelly feet are an immediately recognizable scent that will turn any situation sour. Some people have shoes that smell from being caught in the rain, and that’s understandable. But foot odor from sweat or other health issues is harder to control, which is why shoe deodorizers are a must. These will help eliminate odors in your shoes, so even when you do take your shoes off, they won’t emit a nasty stench. Your socks will smell better as will your feet. While there are many ways of going about this, you may not know where to start. We’ve got you covered, listing our favorite options below. Check them out and no longer worry about taking off your shoes in someone else’s or your own home.

Slide these into your shoes

Made from natural bamboo charcoal, the Marsheepy 12 Pack Bamboo Charcoal Bags and Odor Remover will fit in your shoes or bags that need cleansing. This is made with bamboo charcoal and naturally eliminates odors while remaining fragrance free. These won’t absorb any of the odors and start smelling like them. Each one comes in a 2.95″ x 7.09″ size bag, so they easily slide into your shoes. The more bamboo charcoal, the sooner the effects will take place and the stronger they will be. These improve the air quality and absorb secondhand smoke. These eco-friendly charcoal air freshener bags can be used in any area that needs better scents.

Key Features:

  • Won’t start smell like the odors it is removing
  • Eco-friendly charcoal
  • 2.95″ x 7.09″
Marsheepy 12 Pack Charcoal Shoe Deodorizer Bags, Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying bags, Odor Absor… List Price:$17.98 Price:$14.98 You Save:$3.00 (17%) Buy Now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

Keep spraying them

If you’ve happened to use their bathroom spray, you know how good of a company Poo-Pourri is. Well, they have an eliminator spray for your shoes, naturally called Shoe-Pourri. This is an odor stomping blend of cedar wood, eucalyptus, and grapefruit essential oils that will get rid of the stink in your shoes. You’ll get up to 200 uses in each four-ounce bottle. These come in either four-ounce bottles or two-ounce ones. It is specially designed to cover up odors at a molecular level by actively reacting with bad smell molecules. The neutralizing essential oils and natural enzymes will eliminate any funky odors. These can also be used in the laundry bin, the trash can, and other areas that harbor odd scents.

Key Features:

  • Four-ounce bottles or two-ounce ones
  • Neutralizing essential oils
  • Cover up odors at a molecular level
Shoe-Pourri List Price:$14.95 Price:$13.48 ($3.37 / Fl Oz) You Save:$1.47 (10%) Buy Now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

These fit easily

Placing the Sof Sole Sneaker Balls Shoe, Gym Bag, and Laundry Deodorizers into your shoes will help get them back to normal. These come in a pack of three that are shaped like baseballs, basketballs, and footballs. You can also get larger packs that are tie-dye colored or in the shape of popular emojis. The small and round design help reach and absorb odors in tight areas. In order to get them to work, you have to twist them to open up their abilities. The quick-twist action releases a specially formulated scent that effectively attacks odors in sneakers and other footwear. Each ball has a diameter of 1.5 inches and the fresh scents lasts for up to six months.

Key Features:

  • Pack of three
  • Quick-twist action
  • Last for up to six months
Sof Sole Sneaker Balls Shoe, Gym Bag, and Locker Deodorizer, 3 Pair, Sports Price:$11.99 Buy Now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

Use some safe options

Combining natural ingredients to combat foul odors, the Lumi Outdoors Natural Shoe Deodorizer Spray is easy to use and quickly effective. This fresh citrus eliminator is made in the United States and uses ingredients such as lemongrass, lemons, oranges, and tea tree essential oil to eliminate odors. This is great for shoes and sneakers for adults and children. You’ll notice a difference almost immediately after a few spritzes from the four-ounce bottle. This can also be used all around your house, as it will make a room smell good, a bathroom smell better, or as an air freshener in your car.

Key Features:

  • Ingredients such as lemongrass, lemons, and oranges
  • Can be used all around your house
  • Made in the US
Natural Shoe Deodorizer Spray & Foot Odor Eliminator by Lumi Outdoors - Fresh Citrus Tea Tree E… Price:$12.95 ($3.24 / Fl Oz) Buy Now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

Cover your feet

Keeping your foot dry and odor-free, the Dr. Scholl’s Odor X All Day Deodorant Powder is safe to use. This is made with SWEATMAX® technology and it will work all day for you. This odor fighting foot powder is an antiperspirant as well as a deodorizer, maintaining dryness. It destroys odors instantly and leaves your feet feeling cool and refreshed. Sweat will be absorbed and you can sprinkle as much of this as you want into the soles of your shoes, between your toes, and on your feet inside your socks. The bottle is 6.25 ounces, providing you with plenty for extended use.

Key Features:

  • Antiperspirant as well as deodorizer
  • Sprinkle as much as you want into your shoes
  • 6.25 ounces
Dr. Scholl's Odor X All Day Deodorant Powder-6.25 oz (Packaging May vary) Price:$6.99 ($1.12 / Ounce) Buy Now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

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