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11 paid iPhone apps on sale for free right now

Best Free iPhone Apps

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If you have a 16GB iOS device you might want to immediately stop following our series on paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free. Why? Because we share so many awesome premium apps on sale that you’re going to fill up your iPhone’s storage in no time. Today we’ve got 11 fresh freebies and you can check them all out in our list below.

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These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged.


Normally $4.99.

***The First All-in-One Space Saving Suite!***
*** Get the most powerful photos management app without any cost***

FreeUpSpace is a slick and polished space saving app for your iOS device that can resize photos, clean duplicates and compress photos & videos. It’s aimed at recovering wasted space of your device so that you can save more. This app gives you control on how you release space on your device. Use any or all of the 3 power packed modules to put your photos of your digital drawer on a diet:

1) Find duplicate photos: If you love clicking photos and selfies endlessly, you should use this feature very often. This helps you find duplicate photos of all levels ranging from least similar to exact duplicates. You have the control to set the duplicity level. Even better, you can adjust and set time and gps criteria for high accuracy.

2) Resize Photos: This is the best when you want to reduce the frame size of a photo you clicked from your iOS device. You can save a significant amount of space by resizing large sized photos. Quality is maintained while reducing the size. And even more, to make a photo fit perfectly on another device’s screen, you can simply resize it by setting a smaller width.

3) Compress Photos & Videos: You can save chunks of storage space by compressing large photos & videos. So if you’ve shot a lot of videos & photos with your iOS device, don’t forget to compress them when you’re running out of storage space. And once you’ve compressed them, you can easily share them with your friends via attachments, messaging apps etc.

This app works best if:
1) You need to release storage space to save more photos & videos
2) You’re using a 16GB iOS device.
3) You’re lazy finding duplicates manually.
4) You’re unable to attach a photo or video because it’s too large.
5) You’re running out of storage space on a holiday!

Get rid of the frequent message ”Your iPhone’s storage is almost full”

World’s first iOS app that can recover more free space on your iOS device so that you can click and snap more and more photos & videos!

Download FreeUpSpace


Normally $0.99.

Danger, a Microbot infestation is imminent! Test your skill, strategy and speed in this great arcade puzzle game that will keep you addicted for hours.

Watch a video of Microbots:

You are Digital Pest Control, and it’s up to you to eradicate the Microbot plague. They might look cute, but left alone they will infest the level. It’s your job to guide the little vermin to the targets, where they will be blasted by your Exterminator-bot.

Draw paths in any direction and the Microbots will blindly follow. Get them to the correct target to score. But watch out, they may need to make their way around each other, past obstacles or even have their colour converted.

Each level requires a new strategy to score big. Work fast and smart and you will keep scoring more, don’t forget to look out for the bonuses!

Rack up the points to gain stars, these will unlock more levels and hand you Game Center achievements and points. There are 16 unique levels, each with a Game Center leaderboard, so you can pit your wits against players across the world.

With retro styling, great audio and addictive gameplay, Microbots will keep you coming back for more.

Game Features
* Addictive gameplay
* Fun combination of skill, strategy and speed
* 4 zones
* 16 unique, endlessly repayable levels
* Cool retro graphics
* Fab audio
* Game Center leaderboard for all levels, plus zones and overall
* Game Center Achievements
* Games saved for later

Download Microbots

Print & PDF

Normally $0.99.

Just copy or “open with” whatever you want and focus the application. It will automatically detect if content need to be downloaded, converts it and offers sharing or printing. No extra actions needed. No annoying ads, no subscriptions.

Office formats, images, texts – all can be one click converted. Listed in “open with” for better usability. Just copy hyperlink to download and convert content. Copy and transfer clipboard text data, print or share it as a file. Unique single click feature.

Copy any text or data to your device clipboard and just open the application. It will appear as a PDF file in seconds.

Lightweight, reliable and easy to use tool transforms and shares everything to PDF.
Excel, Word, Powerpoint – all spreadsheets, text documents, plenty of supported formats. All can be shared and transformed to be guaranteed of being changed. Universal output format. absolute automation.

Download Print & PDF


Normally $1.99.

Still looking for workout playlists on YouTube?【Limited Time Free】
Easy-to-use music map
More activity-based music:

Swipe to stream your personal party playlist!
The unique interface of SwiWorkout classifies and recommends workout music for you.
Find fast tempo on the right, slow ones on the left; from top to button, music ranges from new to old.
Whatever music styles you want to listen to, swipe in corresponding area, SwiWorkout gives you a playlist immediately!
Each swipe is an adventure.

We’re adding more music to SwiWorkout.
Got some great workout music you wish to include? Drop us a line here:

– Pinch to adjust the search scope of music to increase/decrease the amount of tracks in the playlist

Download SwiParty

Run 5K PRO

Normally $1.99.

Do you want to start running & get in good shape? Do you want to easily run a 5K? Do you want to overcome laziness and lose weight? Then Run a 5K! app is exactly what you need!
– 30 minutes a day, 3 times a week – and you’ll be able to run 5K in 7 weeks;
– effective training plan from professional coaches;
– use outdoors and on a treadmill;
– audio cues during all workouts to keep you focused;
– GPS maps saved for each training session;
– Apple Watch support.

– gradual increase of workout intensity for best result;
– inspirational quotes keep you motivated while running;
– motivational tips on running with each training session;
– listening and managing your favorite music from the app;
– sharing results with Facebook & Twitter friends.

– unlimited access to the best running music right from the app;
– music tempo adjusts to your workout rhythm – music plays faster as you run faster;
– new mixes from talented DJs are available every day;
– all genres – from Classical and Oldies to Rock, Hip-hop and R&B;
– convenient search and suggestions to find perfect mixes.

– calorie counting;
– detailed statistics: pace, distance, time and other parameters;
– synchronization of your stats & logs with an upgrade from the free version;
– synchronization with Apple Health app;
– integration with Runkeeper, Fitbit, MapMyRun.

Get ready to be surprised if you think you would never be able to run a 5K!

Download Run 5K PRO


Normally $1.99.

mr.Toolkit - Must-have tools all in one.

Contacts Cleaner | Flashlight | QR Code Scanner | Mirror | Alert | Proverbs | Storage Info | Battery Status.
[Key Features]:

* Flashlight
(1)Brightness tuning: 10 levels
(2)Strobe tuning: 10 levels
(3)S.O.S strobe mode supported
(4)Screen light mode supported

* QR Code Scanner
(1)Scan history auto saving
(2)Scan QR Code from Photos
(3)Backup & Restore scan history
(4)Share scan history

* Contacts Cleaner
(1)Batch deleting contacts
(2)Batch sending message to selected contacts
(3)Backup contacts & Restore contacts
(4)Batch sharing contacts

* Proverbs
(1)Scrolling selected proverb on your iPhone
(2)Copy & Share proverbs supported

Download mr.Toolkit


Normally $2.99.

** Unplug and Digital Detox, just enough. **

The award winning ( OFFTIME ) lets you monitor your smartphone usage in real time and take dedicated timeouts from the digital. The app’s intuitive analytics make it easy to identify your habits and take action to change them.

— Introductory price: $2,99 (US) —

Find balance instead of giving in to digital distraction – start to unplug, take a digital detox and focus on your work, enjoy quality time with the people you care about, or simply find some peace of mind. As proven by science, with ( OFFTIME ) you can improve your wellbeing and productivity.

“Addicted to your smartphone? There’s an APP for that!” – Daily Mail (UK)

( OFFTIME ) has three components that support your digital balance and digital detox:
1. tracking and comparing your device usage
2. setting personal device usage goals and accessing tips & articles
3. pursuing and sharing some digital OFFTIME (on iOS the flight mode for now)

** Please note **
For monitoring your smartphone usage in real time and displaying your hotspots of usage ( OFFTIME ) needs to continuously use GPS/location data. Even though ( OFFTIME )’s GPS usage is optimized, continued use of GPS running in the background will decrease battery life.

( OFFTIME ) provides a daily overview and its alert functions give you instant feedback on your usage behavior. You can set and track personal goals and limit your device usage to ensure your personal work-life-tech balance and your healthy digital detox daily. Learn how much time you spend with your digital devices and get support to disconnect.

The app lets you understand your digital habits through insightful graphs and appealing visualizations of your smartphone usage, clustered by daily, weekly, monthly and total usage reports. Using “locations” you can find your usage hotspots. With the badge icon you can see conveniently your daily unlocks or collect your time offs.

Once you opt-in to our new server comparison feature, you can easily see how your usage compares to that of other users each day.

Take back control and focus on what matters to you. Give your device some peace and reconnect with your loved ones.

Just before taking off you can share your “Offtime” moment with your friends and loved ones via Social Media. Inspire them to do the same and reconnect in the analog world.

Curious or concerned about the drivers of distraction and digital device addiction? ( OFFTIME ) also comes with “hints” – a growing series of English articles that offer useful information and practical advice for dealing with the pitfalls of hyperconnectivity.

Earning trust through data privacy and security
( OFFTIME ) takes data handling and privacy very serious. By default, ( OFFTIME ) stores as much data as possible on your device itself and allows you to opt-out from all server storage. As your data should be yours, for all the “Quantified Self” enthusiasts, ( OFFTIME ) offers an export function so you can get your own tracking data in a CSV file.

Download OFFTIME


Normally $4.99.

Webpageshot is a simple yet powerful tool that used to convert the webpage into image.

It will actually capture a whole web page (all the way down) and not just the bit on the screen.

Also,it provides a screenshot extension for Safari on iOS 8.

Download Webpageshot


Normally $1.99.

iArrow provides navigation where there are no roads. The app will show you the way back to your car, campsite or hotel and help you reach the nearest settlement if you get lost. This app features a built-in database of 2,000,000 localities around the world and does not require internet or cellular connection.

Unlike navigation systems that show a blank map, iArrow instantly launches and very clearly indicates the direction and distance to the destination. The app consumes little energy and saves battery power.

The app is useful for travelers, fishermen, hunters, including anyone who engages in recreation and works in the countryside. It is a reliable and easy navigation tool that fits perfectly in your hand.

With iArrow, you can quickly save the coordinates of attractions, objects and key points along your route, and share them in any convenient way (SMS, Email, Twitter, Airdrop, etc.). You will be able to enter and send coordinates in a variety of formats and import them from the clipboard.


● User Guide (Settings/?)
● Clear interface, uncompromising design
● You do not need an Internet connection *
● 2,000,000 settlements in the database
● Built-in online map
● Ability to search for objects by address
● Automatic detection of the address of the current position
● Indication of GPS accuracy
● Determination of direction using magnetic compass
● Determination of direction using GPS coordinates
● Radar mode that displays Favorites, History and settlements
● Displays full information about position, speed, altitude, etc.
● Lock screen
● Settings
● Metric and Imperial Units
● Low energy usage
● Support for iOS8 and iPhone 5/5s/6/6+


● Support for the latitude/longitude, UTM and MGRS coordinate formats
● Support latitude and longitude as decimal degrees, degrees/minutes/seconds and etc.
● Easy input of coordinates – special keyboards for each format
● Setting destination using azimuth and distance
● Convert GPS coordinates between degrees formats, UTM and MGRS on the fly
● Viewing coordinates on an online map
● Sending and receiving coordinates via SMS
● Import and export coordinates via SMS, Email, and Airdrop
● Import and export list of coordinates
● Import and export links to Google, Apple, Yandex, and OSM maps
● Import coordinates from the clipboard
● Automatic determination of format of imported coordinates
● Easily add, delete, or edit coordinates
● Automatically save the coordinates in History
● Search in Favorites and History
● Sorting Favorites/History by new and nearest points
● List of nearby settlements

Download iArrow

Reporter Camera

Normally $0.99.

Meet Reporter, private gesture-based camera app you’ve been waiting for ages. It offers you wide variety of photo-editing tools, effects and something never seen before – Encryption.

Nowadays we want to make sure that our photos are kept private, because prying eyes are everywhere and some stories are just not meant to be shared. Encrypt any photograph from existing iPhone Gallery in less then a second, or make a new in a one simple click.

We’ve took care about the ones you WANT to expose as well, adding the Renaissance-painter-like Signature for personalising your photography. Don’t forget about adjustable exposition / white balance settings, bunch of Reporter-exclusive filters and various photo enhancement instruments.

Download Reporter Camera


Normally $0.99.

Every now & then something “truly innovative” occurs …

Photosets – 4:3HD Live Photos

Create Super-High-Quality 4:3HD Videos From Your Burst Mode Photosets

Photosets is a first of it’s kind Action Photography app, intended to be used as a companion-app to the Burst mode feature of your built-in iOS Camera app.

Photosets v2.3.1 supports a single video output-format, one with a 6.2 Mpx resolution.

Photosets v3.0, scheduled for release in May 2016, will support two video output-formats:

i.) one with the same 6.2 Mpx resolution (when using an Apple mobile device with an 8 Mpx image sensor, which we refer to as 4:3HD-8), and

ii.) one with a new (44% higher) 9 Mpx resolution (when using an Apple mobile device with a 12 Mpx image sensor, which we refer to as 4:3HD-12).

We refer to this suite of formats as 4:3HD (pronounced “four three HD”); they are High-Definition (HD) resolutions optimized for their respective image sensor.

The 9 Mpx format will soon become the highest resolution option on mobile devices, as well as in living rooms on big-screen TVs !
Key Features:

• Industry’s only comprehensive mobile app purpose-built for Burst mode photosets.

• Industry-leading super-high-quality 4:3HD formats; Photosets v3.0 adds advanced stabilization.

• Create short 4:3HD videos from your Burst mode photosets; up-to 120 photos per photoset.

• Custom Most Important Photo (MIP) selection support, which enables you to select any single photo (of a photoset) to pair with a 4:3HD video when the video is Shared or Exported.

• Custom multi-function photoset-level playback controller, supporting playback speeds of 3 -to- 30 frames per second (fps).

• Custom photoset-level Trim support.

• Supports Portrait and Landscape “orientation” on all 14 (supported) Apple mobile devices.

• Supports the iOS 9 iPad-oriented multi-tasking features Slide Over and Split View.

• Supports all 14 Apple mobile devices with an A7 or newer A-series processor.
Import options:

• Copy Burst Albums from your built-in iOS Photos app.

• Receive, via AirDrop, “photosets” from other AirDrop-enabled Apple devices.

• Download (sequentially-numbered) “photosets” from either local and remote web servers; includes a custom Preview feature.

• Import up-to 300 photos per photoset.
Share & Export options:

• Share option #1: Transmit, via AirDrop, “photosets” to other AirDrop-enabled Apple devices.

• Share option #2: Transmit, via AirDrop, 4:3HD videos (+ their companion-photos) to other AirDrop-enabled Apple devices.

• Export option #1: Copy 4:3HD videos (+ their companion-photos) into a “Photosets” album in your built-in iOS Photos app.

Download Photosets


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