Not many things can put a bigger damper on your mood than reaching for a bag of chips and finding nothing but a stale chip staring back at you. Eliminate the possibility of staleness by getting any of these sets of chip clips. Sealing up your bags keeps your food fresh and saves you money. Whether it’s chips or coffee beans or even bread, a clip will pay you back tenfold for investing in it. Keeping chip clips in your home or office will certainly keep the mood in either higher, as everyone can enjoy fresh food. So take a look at the three options we’ve found for you and never be let down by a stale chip again.

Best Heavy-Duty Chip Clips

Much more durable than traditional plastic chip clips, the Set of 10 Heavy Duty Stainless Steel IPOW Chip Bag Clips are built to last. These family size clamps are three inches wide, so you’ll only need one per bag, no matter the size. The powerful spring on the back gives you a tight seal. You can also use them as decorations if you want to hang pictures from a wire or line. They can be kept in the cupboard, refrigerator or freezer without a problem. The edges are a bit sharp, so you should keep them out of the hands of children.

Best Chip Bag Sealer

Unlike traditional chip clips, the Plastic Bag Sealer Clips Sticks Chips by Trendy Cooks slide on and have no moving parts. They provide a watertight and airtight seal, keeping your food fresh and safe. The pack comes with 12 of varying sizes: three extra large, three large, three medium, and three small, so you’ll have one for any bag you own. You just need to roll the top of your bag down and then slide the sealer over. It locks in the freshness and gets out any excess air. It’s great for keeping produce fresh as well.

Most Whimsical Chip Clips

That’s right. We said whimsical. You certainly can’t argue that the Kikkerland Woodlands Bag Clips are anything but that. You can get clips in the shape of woodland creatures, monsters, cats, or sock monkeys. It’s really up to your preferences. But these clips will do what you need them to do, seal up your chips and bags. They measure approximately 1.75″ x 2″ and come in a set of six. They are a tried and trusted product that continues to work even after many uses.