Safety is among the top priorities for home owners and renters. For those who have kids, it’s often the top priority to make sure their family is protected. At the peak of the list when it comes to necessities in any home is a smoke detector. A functioning smoke detector can set a lot of minds at ease and can save lives. While we have all set one off by a kitchen cooking disaster before, it’s so important to have one rather than not have one and need one. With any of the smoke detectors we’ve handpicked for you, you and your family can feel comforted.

Best Battery-Powered Smoke Detector

If your smoke detector’s battery is ever running low, the Kidde 21026043 Battery-Operated Combination Smoke / Carbon Monoxide Alarm will loudly announce “low battery” and flash a red light. It will also tell you “Fire” and “Warning Carbon Monoxide” if there are any alerts you need to be worried about. The audio alarm goes as high as 85 dB at 10 feet. There is also a way to hush the alarms with Hush Mode. The dual-operation alarm works on two AA batteries. The easy installation is suitable for any room of the house and there are test and reset buttons to make sure your machine is working properly.

Best Smart Smoke Detector

The Nest S3000BWES Protect 2nd Gen Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm has many amazing features that can be controlled from your phone. It connects to your Wi-Fi and will send your phone a message when the batteries are running low or there’s a problem. It will sense if there is a high level of carbon monoxide or if there is a fire and talk to you and tell you where it is located. If you walk underneath the sensor, the Pathlight will light your way. This alarm can test itself automatically and is built to last up to 10 years.

Best Hardwired Smoke Detector

Giving you the best of both worlds, the First Alert BRK SC9120B Hardwire Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector also has a battery backup. You’ll be covered even if there is a power failure and the indicator lights flash to let you know if there is an issue. It features an electrochemical carbon monoxide sensing technology and an ionization sensor that will pick up if fire particles are nearby. If anything is detected, it will produce a loud 85 dB alarm to alert you. The carbon monoxide alarm has different settings: one beep every minute means the battery is running low, five beeps every minute means the carbon monoxide detector needs replacing, and four beeps and a pause means carbon monoxide has been detected.