Show off pride in your country or let your neighbors know what team you root for so they don’t come at you with any bad sports opinions when you display flags on a flag pole at your home. Having a flag pole on the outside of your house gives you some creative freedom to decorating your exterior. If you want to raise the American flag on Fourth of July or put out a decorative flag to celebrate other holidays, you’ll need a flag pole to run those flags up and display. Check out the flag poles we’ve highlighted below and get ready to do some saluting.

Best Extendable Flag Pole

Giving you ultimate flexibility, the Evergreen Weather Soft Iron Extendable House and Estate Flag Pole can reach up to 60 inches in length. It has two ring clips, allowing you to attach any estate or sleeve style of flag easily, and the double ring clips are for grommet type flags. It starts at 35″ and can clip to any length in between there and its end. There is minimal assembly required and if you need a bracket to hold your flag, that is sold separately. It is made from high-grade iron that is weather resistant.

Best Tangle-Free Flag Pole

With a spinning rod that makes sure your flag won’t tangle, the Grace Alley Flag Pole is meant for residential or commercial use. The free spin action of the pole protects your flags from becoming furled. It is designed to be used with 2.5′ x 4′ or 3′ x 5′ flags and is rust proof and wind resistant, thanks to the brushed aluminum look. It comes with a no-hassle warranty for up to a year. It measures six feet in length and will let you show off almost any type of flag you want.

Best Flag Pole for Your Garden

Offering you the ability to hang decorative, smaller flags from the ground up, the Garden Flag Stand from HOOSUN will adorn your garden nicely. It will hold garden flags up to 13 inches in width and comes with multiple clips to keep your flag in place. The anti-wind clip and two anti-wind stoppers prevent flags from blowing away. These stoppers can also be used on larger flag poles. The metal frame has two prongs on the bottom that stick into the ground, letting you hang the flag from the top bar. The metal is powder-coated and built to last. It comes in three parts and needs just a small amount of assembly.