Remember the Galaxy Note Edge and Galaxy S6 Edge that followed it? Those were the first Samsung phones to ship with curved edge displays. The Note had just one edge, while the Galaxy S6 Edge introduced the Galaxy S design we’ve come to know ever since. But next year, Samsung will do things a bit differently.

Instead of just two Galaxy S10 models, both featuring edge screens, Samsung will launch a more affordable Lite phone that will feature a flat display. And a new report says the Edge moniker will make a triumphant return.

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 lineup will include the Galaxy S10 Lite, the Galaxy S10 Edge, and the Galaxy S10+, according to accessory provider Mobile Fun. With at least three distinct Galaxy S10 models in play, it would make sense for Samsung to give the cheaper premium model a unique identifier. “Galaxy S10” is just too broad to describe the cheaper of the premium phones at this point. And let’s not forget that a fourth Galaxy S10 with 5G support is also expected in 2019.

The report also notes that the usual Galaxy S accessories are expected for the upcoming generation, although there is a new LED View Cover in the works. Furthermore, Mobile Fun says the accessories will come in a bunch of colors, including Berry Pink, Yellow, and Green, which might point to various color options for the phones.

Another interesting detail from Mobile Fun’s report concerns Galaxy S10 screen protectors. It looks like all three models will come with pre-installed screen protectors, a first for Samsung. If accurate, that should be great news to Galaxy S fans. After all, these phones are made of glass, and they can be damaged quite easily.

Naturally, we have no way of confirming any of this information, but Mobile Fun did provide plenty of accessory details about unreleased phones well before their commercial arrival. Also, an accessory listing from the same company a few days ago said the Galaxy S10 would retain the headphone jack.

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