No other iPhone on the planet has the iPhone X’s sleek all-glass and steel construction. You also won’t find the iPhone X’s stunning new OLED display or its impressively narrow bezels on any earlier iPhones. The iPhone X’s buttonless face is unique to the new model as well, and the vertically oriented dual-camera on the back is a one-of-a-kind, too. But the most important feature on the iPhone X that you won’t find anywhere else is obviously that “notch,” or the huge bite taken out of the top of the phone’s display.

No, the notch itself isn’t what’s special about the iPhone X. In fact, many people find it to be quite ugly. Instead, it’s the TrueDepth camera and sensor array situated within the notch. While TrueDepth and the Face ID tech it enables will never make it to any older iPhones, there is now a way for anyone with any iPhone model to get in on the action and add the iPhone X’s notch to their own iPhone.

Twitter user @heyeased is best known for the glitch wallpapers he makes for the iPhone and other Apple devices. His most popular one was a terrific black wallpaper that would make the iPhone’s dock background and folder background disappear when applied. Check it out, it was fantastic — but sadly Apple fixed the bug that made it possible.

He has made plenty more wallpapers since then, some that exploited odd iOS bugs and others that just look cool on the iPhone’s screen. But his latest creations don’t exploit any bugs. In fact, they don’t even look cool. Instead, the new pair of wallpapers on his site are meant to be a joke, and they add the iPhone X’s notch to any other iPhone once they’re applied.

One of the new “Joke X” wallpapers is dark, which means that the time is still visible in the fake notch at the top of the screen. The other one is light though, which makes the text on the iPhone’s screen black so that the time is hidden in the notch. They’re both fun though — well, for a minute or two — and you can download them on @heyeased’s website.