Apple fans have understandably been preoccupied with iPhone 8 rumors and leaks over the past few months, but Apple doesn’t want you to forget that it released a couple of new phones last September as well. To that end, the smartphone maker shared a new commercial on its YouTube channel on Monday in which Portrait mode on the iPhone 7 Plus takes center stage yet again.

Titled ‘The City,’ the new ad focuses on a couple meeting in the crowded streets of Shanghai. They’re surrounded by thousands of other people until the man flips to Portrait mode on the camera of his iPhone 7 Plus. Suddenly, the crowd vanishes and the two can explore the empty city effortlessly:

Following the insufferable Sticker Fight commercial (I don’t know why, but it just drives me up the wall) and the bizarre iPad Pro ads that featured tweets from dissatisfied users of other devices (some of these landed; others did not), The City feels like something of a return to form — beautifully shot, has a clear message and features a great song called “Sing to Me” by Walter Martin.

As excited as we all are to see what Apple has in store for this fall (and whether or not it will top the stunningly designed Galaxy S8), Apple is currently focused on promoting the products that are actually available. Portrait mode has been one of the major selling points for the iPhone 7 Plus from day one, so it’s not surprising to see the company follow up on its ‘Take Mine’ ad from January.