A pair of reliable sources have pegged March 15 as the date when Apple will introduce a trio of new products, including an iPhone 5se, an iPad Air 3, and a subtly enhanced version of the Apple Watch.

As the date steadily approaches, more details surrounding the iPhone 5se have continued to roll in. The most recent report, sourced from the Japanese site Mac Otakara, relays that the iPhone 5se will come in a trio of colors, including Silver, Space Gray, and interestingly enough, some form of pink hue.

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Specifically, the pink is said to be similar to the pink used on the 6th gen iPod Touch, a photo of which can be viewed below. As it stands today, it seems that a Rose Gold colored iPhone will be exclusive to Apple’s larger-screened devices.

ipod touch pink

Echoing previous reports, Mac Otakara also adds that the device will likely see a release date sometime in April.

As for other details surrounding Apple’s upcoming 4-inch iPhone, we’ve heard that the iPhone 5se will come packed with an A8 processor and support for the “Hey Siri!” feature Apple introduced on the iPhone 6s. Other specs include an NFC chip for Apple Pay, support for Live Photos, Bluetooth 4.2, VoLTE, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, and a built-in barometer so that the Health app can track elevation.

Aesthetically, the iPhone 5se will look more or less like the iPhone 5s, though it will reportedly feature more of a curved edge design similar to the iPhone 6s.