Hopsin is not happy with the state of hip-hop today and with good reason. It seems that Auto-Tune vocals and unimaginative lyrics rule the day, which is why Hopsin has put out a hilarious new music video to show us just how bad it really is.

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“Man, rap today f—ing sucks bad, I don’t care what anybody says,” he says at the start of the very not-safe-for-work video “They’re not even saying words anymore. They just got a hard-ass f—ing beat to trick dumbasses like you to make you think you like the s–t… I know for a fact nobody know what the f–k these dudes be saying!”

He then proceeds to flip on the reverb and Auto-Tune before launching into a track called “No Words” that, true to its name, is filled with almost total gibberish. And it sounds like a song you’d actually hear on the radio. And it’s flat-out hilarious. Check it out below but remember this is very not safe for work.