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Crazy video: Gamer gets arrested and then robbed during livestream

Published Oct 7th, 2015 11:25AM EDT
Twitch Livestream Arrest Robbery

The world of livestreaming has provided us with no shortage of entertainment in recent weeks. Hot on the heels of a poor fellow in Japan who inadvertently streamed footage of himself burning down his house comes a new video depicting a man not only being arrested, but robbed.

The video below comes courtesy of a Twitch streamer in Washington state whose online handle is Mr_13big. As the story goes, our protagonist Mr. Big was playing some multiplayer NewZ whereupon his excitement at certain points proved to be too loud for his neighbors. Eventually, someone calls the police to complain about excessive noise. Shortly thereafter, a police officer shows up to see what all the fuss is about, and from there, things comically and bizarrely spiral out of control.

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The full-length video was captured via Twitch but Mr. Big uploaded the pertinent portion of the encounter onto YouTube for your viewing enjoyment. The core issue, as you can see via the embedded Twitch video below, is that Mr. Big simply doesn’t want to tell the officer what his name is. This leads to a rather lengthy exchange where the two discuss Mr. Big’s rights as an American citizen, the fact that Mr. Big has a baseball bat and weapons in the house, and all sorts of other peculiarities.

To join in right when the action picks up, fast forward to about 14:46:54.

Watch live video from Mr_13ig on Twitch

While the officer does his best to keep his cool, he did manage to throw a few jabs at Mr. Big for being in his 30s and playing the same type of “stupid games” that his children play. In one particularly random exchange, the officer asks Mr. Big if he’s using an Alienware computer.

Offended, Mr. Big says that he built his rig himself.

“Alienware is for noobs who don’t know how to build a computer,” he responds.

Another moment of comedic gold occurs when Mr. Big tells the officer that,”My last name is America.”

After many minutes of back and forth between Mr. Big and the officer, our gaming hero is arrested.

The story doesn’t end there, however.

Shortly after being escorted away, one of Mr. Big’s neighbors can be seen entering the apartment and stealing his Nike Air Jordans, his watch, his wallet, and his gaming headset. You can skip ahead to 14:59:12 of the video to witness the robbery.

In a follow-up to the story, Mr. Big said that viewers who were still following his livestream reported the incident to the police and that the thieving neighbor was ultimately arrested and charged. Meanwhile, Mr. Big writes that he’s “currently fighting for my erroneous charges to be dismissed.”

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