Asking the Internet for help, advice, or guidance can sometimes bring out the worst in people. Other times, it results in nothing short of comedic gold. In a hilarious example of the latter, a couple returning from a nice vacation asked Imgur for some online Photoshop help in removing a volleyball-playing kid from the background of an otherwise romantic photograph.

Not missing a beat, the Internet masses got to work and fired Photoshop right up, only they weren’t the least bit interested in removing the kid from the photo. On the contrary, they harnessed their creative energies and came up with some absolute gems.

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Below are a few of the more hilarious examples. But first, the original.

original photoshop internet

And now, bestowed with some new talent, the kid has some impressive breakdancing skills to show off.

beach breakdancing



Well, this guy technically followed the directive.

this guy gets it

It’s Randy Orton with the RKO!

wrestler rock

Pure brilliance. The ole’ switcharoo.

switched heads

An all-time classic. Can you catch the reference?

man photoshops sun

It’s time for war.




And two more winners for good measure. A little volleyball action.


And your friendly, smiley, neighborhood pooch.

friendly pooch

This of course isn’t the first time we’ve seen this type of comedic and Photoshop gold hit the web. A few months ago we highlighted the case of a vacationer in Paris who wanted some Internet help fixing a forced perspective photo gone awry.