Ah, buying a car. It’s a wonderful experience, isn’t it? Actually, it’s really not, which is why Cracked’s video about the world’s most honest car commercial is so funny. The video revolves around a car dealer named Roger who gives you a comically honest assessment of how he treats prospective customers looking for a new set of wheels.

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Roger starts off the ad explaining that he’s a “legally mandated middle man who buys up cars and resells them for almost no profit… unless I screw you over… which I will.” Roger then explains that he has two different payment plans for buying a car: “Give me lots of money now” or “less money now plus more money regularly for a long, long time.” You should feel comfortable making this big investment, he explains, because “you learned driving skills for the first and last time at age 15 from someone almost qualified to teach high-school gym.”

Roger also confesses that he doesn’t care which car you buy since he has an incentive to “sell you something broken.”

“Our dealership’s No. 1 profit stream is our service department,” he gloats.

Check out the whole hilarious video below.

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