There are certain topics that are right in John Oliver’s wheelhouse and one of them is without a doubt the ridiculous system of sex education we have in the United States. In Oliver’s latest video, he takes particular delight in ripping apart the “abstinence-only” education programs that do little to educate kids about sex and that may actually lead to more teen pregnancies.

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First, Oliver highlights the ridiculous notion that kids shouldn’t be taught about sex as part of health education because it’s something that should be taught at home. While this sounds nice in theory, in reality many parents just never want to talk to their kids about sex, which leaves kids with the task of piecing things together themselves from random bits of information they pick up in the locker room or around the Internet. In other words, it’s a bad, bad scene.

Oliver also finds it puzzling that so many parents want to exert so much control about the knowledge their children can and can’t learn about sexual activity.

“Here is an exchange that has never happened: ‘How are you so good at sex?’ ‘I was home schooled,'” Oliver jokes.

Oliver also highlights some particularly crazy abstinence-only videos, including one that tells male students that they need to run away from any girl who is dressed provocatively, since that’s a sure sign that “she’s signaling to you and the rest of the world, ‘Take me now.'”

The whole video is one of Oliver’s best yet. Check it out below.

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