While AirBnB is a great service that has produced plenty of happy renters and guests, it’s still always a risk to open up your home to total strangers for a weekend. With this in mind, we’ve long wondered what the biggest AirBnB horror story of all time was… and now we think we’ve found it.

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Via RedditThe Calgary Herald reported earlier this year AirBnB renters Mark and Star King returned home to discover that AirBnB guests had used their home for what police described as a “a drug-induced orgy.” Among the horrors included bags of trash piled up in the hallway, furniture that was completely torn up and stained, dishes filled with wet cigarettes, a chicken wing that was stuffed into one of Star King’s boots, and worst of all, “body fluids” that included semen and vomit.

Here’s what we think is the iconic picture of the house after the orgy, complete with horribly stained couches and a decapitated stuffed animal head that reminds us of one of the most famous scenes in The Godfather.

Source: Calgary Herald

The damages to the house totaled $75,000 and AirBnB is paying for all of it. It’s also banned the user who rented the house from ever renting with AirBnB again. Still, this is cold comfort to a family that will never look at their home the same way again.

To read more about this horrible mess, check out The Calgary Herald’s full story here.

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