Have you ever seen something just outside your window that you wanted to take a picture of but you couldn’t get a decent shot thanks to the annoyance that is window reflection? Don’t worry: Some researchers at MIT have you covered. Mashable notes that MIT researchers have developed a new algorithm for digital camera software designed specifically remove window reflection from your photos, which means you won’t have to hesitate the next time a rare species of bird is perched right outside your window.

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“The algorithm, building on work done by Daniel Zoran and Yair Weiss of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, divides images into 8-by-8 blocks of pixels and determines each pixel’s correlation with another,” Mashable explains. “Their technique is able to identify which minuscule sections of the photo are part of the reflection and which are the actual image seen behind the glass.”

You can read the entire paper on the proposed algorithm by downloading this PDF if you’re interested.

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