Reports have recently revealed that Apple has delayed the iPad Pro to September, though a firm release date for the device is yet to be made official since Apple hasn’t even confirmed that it exists. However, the bigger 12-inch iOS device won’t necessarily be the most interesting tablet launching this year, The Inquisitr suggests, as an updated and upgraded Surface Pro 4 tablet/laptop combo could launch before the new iPad Pro.

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Citing older reports that surfaced earlier this year, the publication says the Surface Pro 4 might come in two different configurations, including 12-inch and 14-inch versions. The devices could have 2160 x 1440 screen resolutions and might be based on Intel Core M Broadwell chip, the same processor that’s already used in ultra-slim fan-less laptop designs, and which also powers the completely new 12-inch Retina MacBook.

The Surface Pro 4 could launch at some point in July, though others have speculated that the upcoming Windows convertible might arrive earlier.

Microsoft will launch Windows 10 later this year, a major desktop and mobile operating system update, though it’s not clear whether the company will time its Surface Pro 4 launch with the Windows 10 release.

The Inquisitr also revived Surface Pro Mini rumors, saying the smaller tablet, which Microsoft failed to launch last year in spite of a plethora of reports that said otherwise, is still in the cards. According to the report, the device has a fall release scheduled that could coincide with the Windows 10 launch.