Verizon and Motorola earlier this week unveiled a brand new Droid-branded Android handset, the Droid Turbo that packs monster specs and equally impressive battery life. The handset packs a gigantic 3,900mAh battery that Motorola says can deliver up to 48 hours of “mixed usage” including standby time, and Phone Arena just proved that the Droid Turbo is the king of the hill when it comes to battery life.

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In its continuous usage battery test it uses for all smartphones and tablets, the publication found the Droid Turbo offered the best battery life by far. The handset lasted for 10 hours and 42 minutes, besting the second-place Xperia Z3 by more than an hour.

When it comes to full battery charging times, the Droid Turbo only came in fourth place, with 126 minutes, just a few minutes less than the LG G3 and the Galaxy S5, both devices that have significantly smaller batteries. The fastest-charging smartphone is the Galaxy Note 4, according to Phone Arena’s rankings.

Graphics showing these battery life tests for the Droid Turbo and other top smartphones follow below.

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