Microsoft on Tuesday gave the world a heartfelt apology for Windows 8 by unveiling Windows 10, which backs away from the “modern” interface users almost universally hated and moves toward an experience more akin to Windows 7. The new cross-device platform won’t ship until sometime next year so there’s still plenty we don’t know about it, and that includes details concerning exactly how it will work on Windows Phone devices and on Microsoft’s Xbox consoles.

While desktops, laptops and tablets were the focus of Microsoft’s presentation, the company did slip in a sneak peek of its new software running on other devices.

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Amid all of the new details Microsoft threw at us during Tuesday’s presentation, the company managed to sneak in a few extra tidbits into its marketing materials that most people missed. The Verge caught them, however, and we now have our first ever look at Microsoft’s next-generation operating system on several smartphones and on an Xbox.


Precious little can be ascertained from the images, though we can see that there are some subtle changes in store for Microsoft’s tile-based user interface. The smartphone and tablet experiences will continue to mirror each other fairly closely, and it looks like the Xbox home screen will remain unchanged beyond a few cosmetic differences.