Just a few short days after a report surfaced suggesting that Microsoft is planning to release a wearable smartwatch or smart band this coming October, yet another report has emerged to state that the company is indeed getting ready to go head to head with Apple’s upcoming iWatch. This time, word comes from Paul Thurrott, who is often a reliable source for information surrounding Microsoft’s unannounced plans.

Thurrott’s unnamed sources say that Microsoft plans to launch a wearable device that resembles Samsung’s Gear Fit. The claim is in line with earlier reports that noted the display on Microsoft’s wrist-worn device would be long and narrow, though Thurrott seems to hung up on semantics, emphasizing that it is not a “watch.”

Of course, the device will function just like other smartwatches, displaying the time as well as notifications from a connected smartphone. It will also include a range of sensors that track steps and heart rate, among other things.

Finally, Thurrott reiterates that Microsoft’s offering will be compatible with Android and iOS in addition to Windows Phone. He says the device is on track to launch sometime in the fourth quarter, which is also when Apple is expected to release the iWatch.