The Internet is truly a wondrous creation because it gives every one of us the power to show off our talents to the world that might otherwise have gone unnoticed. The People’s Daily’s Twitter account — yes, that’s the same People’s Daily that’s the official state-run newspaper of China — directs our attention to an unidentified YouTube user from Taiwan who has the amazing ability to put on a pair of pants without even once using his hands.

The People’s Daily’s Twitter account sadly doesn’t give a link to the original YouTube video but it has posted its own version of it that we’ve embedded below. As you can see, the man in the video starts by putting his feet into the pants legs and then contorting his body until the pants slowly rise upward. We aren’t sure if there’s any kind of practical use for this skill in the real world, but we nevertheless have to tip our caps to this man’s impressive athleticism and agility.

Check out the whole thing below.