Microsoft is very, very confident that the Surface Pro 3 really can replace your laptop. In fact, it’s so confident that it’s willing to lay some significant money down to get you to swap in your MacBook Air for a Surface Pro 3 between now and July 31st. ZDNet reports that you can get an in-store credit worth up to $650 toward buying a Surface Pro 3 if you trade in a working MacBook Air model that doesn’t have any water damage or a cracked display.

The cheapest Surface Pro 3 with a keyboard that you can get right now costs $929, so trading in your MacBook Air and getting the full $650 in-store credit will knock that price all the way down to $279. In all, if you have an old MacBook Air that you don’t use much anymore and you’re curious about the Surface Pro 3, this seems like a pretty sweet deal to take advantage of.